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Publique seus trabalhos (pequenas histórias e poemas)

We are very glad that you decided to submit your short story or your poem on e-Stories.org.

This website provides an operating platform for a community of writers to publish and readers to interact.
You’ll find a very interested audience in literature and the reader has also the possibility to comment your work.

Important: You remain the copyright holder of your work!

- I'm new on e-Stories.org and want to register as an author!

- I'm a registered author at e-Stories.org - I want to send in Poem or Story!

Please use the links above, do not send any poems or stories by e-Mail!

There is no risk to publish your work with e-stories.org!

Your advantages:

  1. you keep all rights of your work
  2. If we should delete your work, just send an email (Please note: we have no possibility to delete information in search engines)
  3. We won’t publish or market your work without your written acknowledgement in any form whatsoever (book, CD etc.)

Submission Rules:

  1. You have to be the author of your short story and/or poem
  2. You are the sole copyright holder of your work. No third person/party has any rights on your story and/or characters. e-Stories.org is not liable if you, the author, don’t inform us about any transfer of rights.
  3. The owner of e-Stories.org can refuse the right to publish an author’s work or can delete it without giving any reason.
  4. The author has to register under his/her real name. Even you want to publish with a pseudonym.

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