Johanna Döttelmayer

What If

There was me
There was you
And so much left to do
Caught your eyes
Fell into you
And still so much left to do

So sad you said

I'll leave today
Through this rain,
pouring rain
I took some hopes out
my mind was racing,
I was constantly chasing
maybe just a phenomenon
Got around you
and let you into
some complications I went trough

Did everything to love you
But found nothing to hold on to

Silent rain,
pouring rain
Nothing to lose
and nothing to gain
Your beating heart
No longer kept me warm
slowly realizing
we're falling apart

This is me
Still this is you
with nothing forever
and nothing evermore
Left to do
And some nights

When our hearts are feeling stiff
A question circles in our minds
What if..."


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Johanna Döttelmayer.
Published on on 24.06.2013.


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