Annkatrin Rothe


Rachel sat in the classroom. Her black, long Hair covered the main part of white cute face. Only her thin dark, red lips and her eyes were visible. Her deep, green eyes were empty. They were empty like, every time. She didnít felt bored or anything about the monotonous speech of her history teacher. Most of the other students felt very bored or were sleeping. She felt nothing...

In the empty, grey corridor the old woman told her how sad she feels for her, because her mother had an bad car accident. She told her also sheíll pick her up after school to vist her mother in the hospital. Rachel felt nothing. Her mind was so empty like her eyes, so empty like a street in Maine at midnight. She didnít have feelings. NeverÖ

It doesnít matter what happened with her mother or with her life. Nothing could make her feel something inside her empty mind. There was nothing in the world that toughed herÖ

One of the girls near the door heard what the police woman said. She whispered to her friends. After two minutes everyone in the class knew what was happened. The bell ring loud and unpleasant. After the lesson her friends, or better people, who thing they were her friends came hugged her and try to help her with everything. She didnít paid attention to this. Nothing was important for her. So she never paid attention to anythingÖ

In the evening she visited her mother in the St. Clare hospital. The hole building was painted in a blended white and looked like a building in a dream heaven. She felt nothing when she got of the car and followed the police woman. The woman told her in a compassionate voice in with room she could find her mother and leaved her alone. Rachel walked slowly to the stairs and tried to find her mother. After a few minutes she found two doors, but she couldnít remember with of the room numbers was right. I didnít matter for herÖ

She opened the wrong door. There was only one bed in the big, bright room. In the bed was a little girl. The little girl looked in Rachelís empty eyes and cried. She cried about these emptiness in Rachelís eyes about these sadnessÖ

That was the first time Rachel felt something for anyone. Rachel didnít know what it was she didnít understand these feeling. She felt something she didnít understand, because she never had these feeling before. She never had any feeling beforeÖ

At the moment the little girl saw Rachelís empty eyes and it was the first time since days she didnít cried, because herself. The little girl had cancer and she didnít know what would happened with herÖ

Rachel felt the same love as a mother for her child in the moment. She wanted to take care of this little, exhausted creature.

That was the first time she tried to talk to someone, because she wanted to talk and not because she had to.

She wanted to feel moreÖ


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Annkatrin Rothe.
Published on on 01.11.2005.


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