Gata Daska Ibañez

Sweet and Sour Memories

Sweet and Sour Memories

Who said we cannot time travel?
If you can smell the essence of the past, its contagious smell, its sticky sweet smell penetrating into your nostrils and into your throat.
Feel the the candies, sugary flavors souring on your tongue.
Hear the echoes from the past and the voices rebounding your mind, calling you to visit them and to feel their joy.
They want you to join them in their jubilee. Hear the snaps and claps. Hear the ghostly chorus flowing into your heart. It may make you smile and cry as the sweet melodies touch your memories.
Your memories revive and awake as they live the emotions marked in time and space. Feel its candy fragrance, have them in your heart forever and you´ll see that time traveling is possible where ever you are.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Gata Daska Ibañez.
Published on on 01.05.2012.


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