Rufus Murry Jr

They all will go for the right price

  4/6/2012                                                                                                            R.M.J

                                     In a world of greed which we are in,green eyeed money greed
                                  , leads everyone into Satan,s Lair.  To want for the objects of his
                                  world, make,s either lose his basic foundation, that was part of their
                                  growth.It,s various way,s to sway each one,s mind, continuiously of
                                  of it,s power.
                                     It pray,s on Disfunctional,s, and il-literate one,s, them with no hope
                                  to begin with.  Being misleading it play,s your friend, only to learn w-
                                  hat it can to betray you.
                                     For any reason of any kind, and will pay other,s to betray themselves.
                                     The female,s of that world, will do anything for money.
                                      This is that world of hate and greed, a world of theive,s.

                                     A filthy Sex Need;

                                     Green Eye Money Greed, There is no love in that one,s world.
                                     To love in that one,s world is to say that you have,wickened an
                                      will be, thrown ot for trash.

                                     Just as Adam and Eve " The lust for a Female has alway,s caused
                                     man,s DOWN FALL, And he was thrown out of his father,s house.

                                     Written By; R.M.J


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 06.04.2012.


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