Seth Ewald

You Vs The Stone

A person’s only purpose is to fall.
Like that of a small stone thrown from a cliff.
Both fall with great intensity and purpose as the force of gravity pulls you ever closer to your mark.
Both without wings to be lifted, or the ability to be guided or aided in anyway.
Both land hard and suddenly.
The rock save scratches and chips retains form.
But you are crushed by the weight of the earth.
Your skull, neck, and spine is broken. Brain is oozing from your head.
Eyes lifeless. Blood pours from your nose and mouth and punctured skin.
Like the stone your velocity may cause you to bounce or roll till you find the river only to be carried downstream.
You are more likely to be seen first. But both will be seen and both will be thrown again.
The stone maybe back into the water or over the marsh.
You into a wooden box, six feet under the earth.
Others will grieve and mourn for you.
Gathering at your grave, bringing flowers and telling old memories once shared.
But like with the stone, their memories of you will fade.
The pain felt will be forgotten until not a soul knows you.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Seth Ewald.
Published on on 19.02.2012.


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