Wolfgang Steinmann


The day is beginning! The clock has struck five!
The children are stirring, the house comes alive.
The sister wakes up and wakens the brother,
They enter the bedroom to waken their mother.

"Go back to your beds! It's not even six!
And ‘early’ and me - we just do not mix!"
The children retreat to their room; and they wait. -
She kisses, caresses and cuddles her mate,

Who lies in his bed all comfy and curly
And brushes her off: "Now stop it! It's early!"
The children are quietly waiting til eight
And then they return, because it is ‘late’.

At ten they are ready for lunch - that's too soon!
They do not get tired til late afternoon
When nap-time is over. They quarrel and whine
And bicker and ask: "Is it time yet to dine?"

"Too early!" says mother, "It's not even four!"
They say: "We are hungry!" She shows them the door.
At six she is ready, the food's on the plate.
But now they are gone … and dinner is late!

The clock has struck eight. "It is getting late!
And time for your beds!" They start to debate.
"It's early!" they mumble, "We still want to play!"
"Hush! Hush! Little children! You do as I say!"

The children are sleeping, the noise has abated.
The hour has come for which she has waited!
The clock has struck ten - for her that is early!
She turns to her husband … "Too late!" he says surly.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Wolfgang Steinmann.
Published on e-Stories.org on 10.01.2012.


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