Dorsey Baker


The old man went into the woods.  He was looking for God and he was trying to find himself. 
He was tired and frustrated with the world and all its problems.  He would miss the smell
of his morning coffee and the sound of the neighbors dog barking; but he wouldn't miss the arrival
of the morning newspaper he'd look at; but never read.  In the woods, if his demons tried to attack,
he would slay them!  In the woods, he would overcome fear!  In the woods, he would give up fleshly
weakness for immortal strength!  In the woods, he would become one with the universe!  In the
woods, he would give up frustration for - PEACE OF MIND!
In the woods, he would communicate with nature and with God, In the woods, He would find himself!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Dorsey Baker.
Published on on 13.05.2011.


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