Joshua Akinwande


Superman, am I actually a super man? Let’s see
A man possessing exceptional or superhuman strength, abilities or powers
I am not so sure but wait…
I have once prayed for someone sick and was made normal, well
I can remember, I have made someone smile before, real wild one,
Oh! Lead a group of youth to achieve a seemingly insurmountable goal,
Yeah! Helped a dejected fellow to catch the fire once again,
But one thing has motivated me to do all these, “love”
Ah Ah! It’s love
It’s love in me that make me; it made me a super man
I can’t stop a car with my hand but can stop a war in a heart
I can’t fly above the sky but can make the sky my starting point of achievement
I certainly can’t be there and here at the same time but can always leave a footprint there while still here
Love is super, so powerful
If you ever come across a book that says God is love, follow that book
For it is only God that can make one do all these things
I am actually a superman for love live in me. 

(c) 2010


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joshua Akinwande.
Published on on 04.05.2011.


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