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My dearest,

In China, there is an old saying, which is:

If we are meant for each other, we will meet finally no matter how far we are.
If we aren't meant for each other, we will never meet even if we face to face!

Now, i know you are here waiting for me, so i am here for you!! I hold your bio right here in the palm of my hands. I feel you were here around me at this moment. Would you like to hear what i will say?

^_^ I like to reading and traveling, i know how to preserve health. I am also knowing how to cherish the girl when she came into my life. In my free time, i also love sports, poetry slam.

Everyone has his right to purse his happiness. Love can bring happiness, so that's why i must pour our this love. This madness, there is nothing that i long for more! I know i can't make the other to love me, but i can let myself to love the other if i am sure she worth me to do!! Inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favourite memories are safe and warm. I would like to share my thoughts and dreams with you someone who wants to make the right relationship priority. Someone who is open with his feelings and thoughts, and believes that two people can enrich each others lives as we share life's journey with open hearts and spirits.

Anyhow, please take care of yourself!



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Published on e-Stories.org on 20.10.2009.


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halbwertzeit der liebe von Ditar Kalaja

In meinen Gedichten, schreibe ich mir meine eigene Realität, meine Träume auch wenn sie oft surreal, meistens abstakt wirken. Schreiben bedingt auch meine Sprache, meine Denkmechanismen mein Gefühl für das Jetzt der Zeit.

Ich vernehme mich selbst, ich höre tief in mich rein, bin bei mir, hier und jetzt. Die Sprache ist dabei meine Helfershelferin und Komplizin, wenn es darum geht, mir die Wirklichkeit vom Leib zu halten. Wenn ich mein erzähltes Ich beschreibe, beeinflusse, beschneide, möchte ich begreifen, wissen, welche Ursachen Einflüsse bestimmte Dinge und Menschen auf mein Inneres auf meine Handlung nehmen, wie sie sich integrieren bzw. verworfen werden um mich dennoch im Gleichgewicht halten können.

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