Parker Allen

Tonys Trip

He wakes up to a firey blaze and falling timber all around him. No one is here to help him and the people that are here happen to be dead.
"Why me?" he implies.
Scrambling through the wreakage, he searches for an exit of any type. A glitter of light catches his eye. To his surprise, there is a little passage way out of the barn with little fire in his way. He continues to push on and drag his mangled body to the openning. Smoke, ash, and sparks are spewing in all directions and the boy still fights his way to the hole. It feels like its hundreds of yards away, then in a flash hes out. The trucks show up little to late.
"You alright, boy?" a bystander asks.
He gives no response. There is no memory of what had happened in that barn accident. Little evidence was recovered and only one survival.
Several hours later in the hospital the doctors bombard him with numerous questions. Still in shock he decides to not answer. Finally, he starts to speak.
"What’s your name?" Dr. Stace queries.
"My name’s Tony. Tony Terris. I’m currently living at the Hyatt downtown" he answers.
He’d been living there ever since running away from home. Life for him was hard and he’d been struggling to have a decent realationship with his parents. They were strict, but "it was for his own good". School to him was a waste of time. But isn’t that what every young person feels. Some how Tony felt this whole incident was either aimed at or a message being sent to him.
"Do you recall anything leading up to the fire?" the doctor asks, "Or anthing during the whole thing?"
"It is all blurry to me, but I do remember the reason for me being at the barn" he answers.
"Tell me if you don’t bother me asking!" Dr. Stace insists impaciently.
"Ok, but first get me some water with lime."
"You heard the boy, ma’am" the doctors demands.
The chubby nurse squaddles to the nearest fountain and retreives the water as fast as possible.
"There was a party my few friends and I were having. The barn was abandoned for quite some time now. We had been scoping it out for months making sure it was finally safe to be there" tells Tony.
"So, what you’re telling me is that you have no idea whose barn it was?" the doc’ knowingly asks.
"Well, yea?! We just wanted to get away from our parents and party like I was 1999" says Tony.
"Good enough boy. Get some much needed rest" he insists.
As the boy turns to fall back alseep the doctor catches something unusual on the boys wrist. A burn mark perhaps? But the shape is too distinctive.
"Ho.. hold on! Wake up now" stutters Dr. Stace, "Whats that on your wrist?"
"What the hell are you talking about?" questions Tony.
"That, that burn!" he exclaims.
Turning his wrist to see, Tony grimmaces in pain when he touches it. He had never noticed it before. It obviously was placed there after he was rescued. It’s something he would for sure have known during the whole escapade. Then like a lightening bolt, a flash of memory hits his head. A man helping him to the ambulance had gripped his wrist, putting forth much more discomfort then he had been through during th fire. The funny thing is, is that the man had no intention of being there. He wasn’t part of the force or there for the fire department.
"It was from this man" stampers Tony.
"What man" asks the doctor.
"The one that out me in the ambulance" answers Tony.
"Oh, Mr. Andersen" says Dr. Stace, "He resuced you, Tony. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t him."
"Um, I’m pretty positive it was him" tells Tony.
The doctor asks for Mr. Andersen to be brought in for questioning. In comes a tall, brawny looking man with large hands covered in gloves.
"Sit down Mr. Andersen. We have some questions for you" insists the doc’.
"What? I saved this boys life. Don’t I deserve some reward for acting couragous?" yells Mr. Andersen.
"Calm down. It seems you’ve been accused of putting this mark on the boy" he explains.
"How could I have done that? I just drug him out of the burning building. It looks to me like a burn any way" screams the nervous looking man.
"Sir, why were you even near the barn this evening?" questions Dr. Stace.
"Just a stoll, dammit. Or is that not allowed in this neighborhood?" fantoms the jumpy gentlemen.
As all this is occuring, the boy drifts off to sleep. Apparently the drugs were kicking in. Dreaming, his head starts to spin.
"Tony! Tony! Wake up!" yells Kyle.
A swirl of colors move around in his mind. Talking frogs tell him to get up. He just ignores the noises but it is beating him up inside.
"Oh, dude. He’s trippin’ out man" Kyle tells the boys.
"Man, what was he thinking taking that many pills, dude?" chimes in Stan.
Slowly, Tony comes to.
"Where am I, man?" he asks impaciently.
"Dude, we’re at the barn." Kyle tells suddenly.
"I thought it burnt down?" he says.
"Dude you’ve been dancing around making a fool of yourself. Look at your wrist. You cut it all up making a pony shape in it" Stan interupts.
It was hard to see in the barn because of the lack of candle light. Stans brings over the old oil lamp to show Tony his mark and the mess he made on himself. Off in the distance a mouse is heard followed by a soft crash. In the loft of the barn, the hay starts to glow.
"Look guys! How trippy is that?" Kyle says pointedly.
Timber starts to fall and flames with ashes hit the eyes of the young boys. They are trapped with no means of getting out. Little did Tony know about his power to see into the future. One last piece of wood falls and impales Tony’s head on the tip of it.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Parker Allen.
Published on on 27.05.2005.


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