Jessie Munroe


           If I was a car I wonder what I would be. Would I be the hot red sports car with leather interior, and automatic luxury? I doubt it. I think an old reliable, 1981 Volvo with chipping blue paint would fit me the best. I would only have about 24 thousand miles, which means I am dependable.  I would have AM FM Radio and even though it’s no CD player I get you want you want. I think I would be a manual with a tricky clutch, because I tend to not like change that much, it just bothers me. There would be a few dents that express interesting stories on how and when it happened. The chipping paint lets people know I have given myself to others. My accessories are in pretty good shape, for example; my window wipers are fresh and new symbolizing a new start to wipe away the rain. The engine would have some problems because of experience, but other then that it would be honest, and would keep on giving as long as it could. The body might look like it needs some work, however, it just symbolizes the experience and growth of an old car. I wouldn’t be that jealous of those red hot sports cars flashing their selves around the streets, because they tend to run out faster, and a little rough on in interior. They might be full of luxury however, they always depend on being high maintained. Another thing about those red-hot sports cars you can’t just jump in one wearing your pajama pants. If you sport the car you have to play the role. This means you cannot ever be yourself or people would think you don’t deserve the red-hot sports car. Plus, their parts are just way too expensive, and the car is just too picky about everything. At the end and for the long road cars like me, we tend to carry our passengers wherever they want to go for as long as they want to go for.    


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jessie Munroe.
Published on on 17.05.2005.


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