Barbara Werchota


AND there I stood and we laughed, the way only women will laugh together and the way that most intimate friends find the comfort and ease to laugh.
I was very much in love so much in love that the world despite all that could have been better, actually, appeared to be the perfect place.  It was the beginning of autumn, an autumn that saw me still in my summer dress and summer slip-on shoes.  Just as well that I had always excelled in athletics, running as fast as I could nearly always kept me warm. My loved one, being a man, always thought he would out-run me, but he finally accepted his emminent defeat whenever he chased me, I always won.
It was obvious to me that my extravagant hair made everyone turn around to look at me, however, not only my extravagant hair, it certainly was something about me that I was still to discover, perhaps a certain odour, a certain delicate scent, this I would eventually discover.
This particular day I was cooking together with my best friend, a good looking women, black haired and strikingly beautiful, she was cooking for her 2 children and I was cooking in her kitchen for my 3 children....
We would always only chat and chat whenever we were together, always had a million things to tell each other, although our lives really were quite routinely boring, but whenever we were together, the world was our platform and we never spent a boring moment. Our beloved topic was certainly about our husbands and we were both convinced that we loved our husbands more than anything else in the world and it goes without saying that our husbands naturally loved us more than even their very own lives.
I sincerely believed myself when I told her, looking into her eyes, and smiling the most luscious smile
:even if Brigette Bardot, were standing naked in front of my husband, even Marilyn Monroe and my ambition went even further, I even added Jacqueline Onasis.  All three, I went on, with my luscious smile covering my face and even my eyes, I told her, he would never never touch not even Brigette Bardot, Marilyn, he would steal a glance at, and Jacqueline, he would not even notice she was alive. All three of them, in fact - if all three were standing naked in front of him, he would never never touch them, so great is his love for me. And we carried on with our cooking and we fed our children together in the kitchen and our husbands stayed on the bars after work and came home late at night and woke us up to warm up their food and into bed they jumped totally enveloped in their vapours and odours of excess beer drinking and cigarette smoking.
Of course I was to learn my very first lesson, very young as I was and very young and innocent at heart and very trusting.  I learned from my friend's sister the inevitable.
My dear, she told me, please look after your husband, you could loose him to, my sister, your very best friend.  Shock was no word for what I felt, in fact I felt total disbelief. 
Many years later my girlfriend told me : " I had to prove that I was more enticing than Brigette Bardot, more glamorous than Marilyn Monroe and more EVASIVE than Jaqueline Onasis".
And I told her, you certainly are all these, and much much more, in fact, we have managed to remains such magnificent friends and my dear husbands has found many more Brigette Bardots.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Barbara Werchota.
Published on on 29.04.2004.


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