Stephanie Saunders

My Baby “Punkin“

As I walked towards the door, I heard barks of excitement and anticipation, as I got closer to entering my house. Then, my baby, Scamp, appeared at the window. "Punkin," I shrieked as I saw his face look through the glass. His ears perked up and his sandy brown face seemed to light up when he saw who obnoxiously yelled his name. Scamp's long brown legs and little brown and black body began to shake with enthusiasm and his tail beat rapidly on the door. I opened the front door, which began the fun part of our first encounter after countless weeks of being away at school. My anticipation collided with his as I fell to the ground to give him many overdue kisses and hugs that I missed so much. He wiggled in my arms to return the many kisses that he also loved to give me. I got up off the floor and moved towards my room, he followed hot on my heels sure to follow my every step. When he finally realized where I was headed, he ran ahead of me. Walking into my room, I was greeted with his smiling face and his wagging tail. "You are my handsome boy," I continued to say to him over and over again. I am no longer afraid to admit the fact that I love talking to my dog.
As I was sitting on my bed, I grabbed him again to give him more hugs and kisses as we began his favorite game. I grabbed the comforter on my bed, held it up to give him just enough room to lie under the sheets, and I covered him up. I then tried to find his mouth and grab it shut while he too tried to find my hand in order to, sometimes it seemed, chew it to death. I began to growl at him as I squeezed his snout, but laughed uncontrollably at his tail hopping up and down under the sheets. I gave up, realized that my dog had the amazing capability of knowing every movement of my hand. I called him out from under the covers as I walked to get his favorite animal from my stash of toys I had collected for him. He followed me toward the closet as he also began biting at my jeans. I playfully went along with his big dog act. I pretended like he really caught my jeans so that I could not move a single inch because of his incredible strength. I continued to walk down the hall; he leaped ahead of me and again pounced straight for the bottom of my jeans.
I reached the closet and he stopped every movement. He looked straight into my eyes as if he was begging me to open the door to his little piece of doggy heaven. I reached my hand out toward the doorknob a few inches shy from having reached it. Scamp began to go crazy. He started barking and jumping up and down with complete excitement. I opened the door, and he sat there with almost an amazed look on his face as he saw the basket full of toys. I began to rummage through the toys until I found his favorite squeaky toy. He began to get restless as I continued to move his toys from side to side until I stopped and looked at him with a smile. He then regained his composure and sat with a questioned look on his face with his ears perked. I quickly removed my arm from the basket of toys and he saw what I had in my hand. The little blue puppy looked to be on his very last leg. He had no more stuffing left in his body from where Scamp decided to perform a bit of surgery on him. Aside from the wretchedness of the animal, Scamp still loved to play with him more than any other toy. We seemed to almost lock eyes as he took the leg of the animal. We began to play tug of war with the animal, which caused Scamp to turn his looks of happiness and excitement into determination.
We continued to play for a few minutes, and then I decided to put the toy away for the time being. I quickly ran into my room where Scamp followed right behind me. I ran and jumped on the bed along with Scamp and I hugged him again as I thought about how grateful I was to have such an amazing creature to love. We got Scamp about three years ago when he was a puppy. I fell in love at first sight because he reminded me of a dog we had put to sleep about a year and half before. I knew that Scamp was the dog I was meant to have. I had never regretted my decision to buy another dog. He brought me so much joy and laughter that I had learned to use him as a safety net.
He had been through so many different times with me, always by my side to just lay in my lap when I was crying or to jump and lick me all over when I was excited. I found out that I got a promotion at my job. I was at home telling my mom about it. As I was telling my mom about it I got really excited, and Scamp started to also jump up and down barking because I had gotten so thrilled.
The times that I loved the most were the times that I could always count on him when I was down. I remembered the night when my boyfriend broke up with me. Whenever I started to cry he would push his head under my arm until I began to rub him. He refused to leave my room for any reason, not even to eat. He never left my side, and he always seemed to know when I needed him to love on me. I always knew that no matter what kind of hardship I experienced I always had someone there to share my tears. The look on his face seemed to tell me that it would be okay and that he would be there with me through it all. He always seemed to be able to sense that I was in pain or when I was upset and when he did notice he was always right by my side.
I know to some that do not have dogs I might seem a little crazy. I quite often talk to my pet and give him cute little names like "Punkin" instead of calling him by his real name. I also considered my dog to be one of the best supporters I had because unlike a few friends I have encountered, he had always been there for me when I needed him. I had truly started to understand the meaning of "dogs are a man's best friend." I love my dog with all of my heart, and I am truly amazed at how much easier he seemed to make my life.
As I began to pack my bags for the trip back to school I noticed Scamp's mood had seemed to change. He had gone from the joyful, bundle of energy to a sad, almost tense, puppy. He knew that I was getting ready to leave again, and it broke my heart to see him act so unlike himself. I walked toward the door to pack my car; I call Scamp onto the couch and give him one last hug and kiss that will have to last until I return home again. I began to get teary eyed as I told him I loved him and I hated to let him go. Nonetheless, it was my time to go. I walked to the car and backed out of the driveway as I watched my little baby stare out the window. As I drove away, I began to anticipate the next time I would return home to hug and kiss my little punkin.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Stephanie Saunders.
Published on on 12.12.2004.


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