Melanie Bösing

My lovely son

You´re gone
My hand touch your little face the last time
You´re gone
Your little hand still in mine
You´re gone
I miss your laugh, I miss your voice
You´re gone
You had no choice
Was it my foult, was it destiny
That makes no difference
You´re gone
Will you be an angel
Will you be nothing
Will you be a star
Will you live in heaven
You´ll never be forgotton
Our time was short, my question why
God gave me you
And took you away
But pain will heal, my tears will dry
I want to believe that you´re around me every day
I want to believe that you look after me
I want to believe that you wait for me when I come to you
I want to believe that you feel fantastic now
I bought a little star for you
I see it every night
I hope you´re there
In the space and time light


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Melanie Bösing.
Published on on 17.06.2007.


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