Nick Jordan

All´s well that ends...

One day Russia decided that the French were annoying them,so they launched a huge rocket over to blow them to smitherines. However, their aim was slightly off and they hit South America...South America could not stand for this! a small snail had been killed!!!Oh no!!!
The very next day the South American Republic (if there is one) launched a huge missile the size of Tokyo,on to, Tokyo! (their aim was off a bit too.) By the next few weeks, every continent in the world, Including Antarctica, bombed the hell out of every other continent. So now there's missiles flying everywhere passing all the other missiles blowing up Earth.
So now, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Antarctica are all launching missiles at each other.Later that same year, the Earth was nothing but half of Antarctica a quarter of South America, a fraction of Asia, and a few small islands the size of Hawaii. Oh yes, Australia survived too (but only a 126th of it) there were no supplies but a cat, a sandwich and a piece of string precicely 1.48296133 meteres long (somebody was so bored they took the time to calculate it)
The penguins, who had been planning their invasion all along pulled out a heap of bombs and caught the ferry to South America, finished them off and then headed off to Asia, it wasnt long before they got conquored either, and with that, the Penguing headed to Austraila to live a happy life in a warm climate.
10 minutes later, they all got cooked, solving world hunger for the last remaining person alive, Adam


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nick Jordan.
Published on on 14.05.2007.


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