Rolph David

Ode To Vanity!

Oh, Vanity, thy grip on mortal hearts,
  In short-lived glory, man plays his own parts.
    Cities rise, then crumble to the ground,
      Yet in thy grasp, no solace can be found.

In passing fame, we seek our vain delight,
  But transient pleasures fade into the night.
    Eternal truths, beyond our mortal sight,
      Shine forth with brilliance, in the darkest night.

Though deeds may rise, then fall into dust,
  In thy domain, we find no lasting trust.
    Yet in the shadow of thy swift-paced reign,
      Eternal truths, forever shall remain.

Oh, Vanity, thou ephemeral, hollow guise,
  In thee, no peace, only fleeting lies.
    But in the realm of timeless verity,
      We find our comfort, in eternity.

(based on A. Gryphius’ sonnet “All Is Vain”)

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 19.04.2024.


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