Saskia Charlotte Junker

Club Hotel Olivi Malcesine or it is just a matter of the pric

It was in 2016. After every employer sespite of a very good application interview suddenly had declined employmentrequest at lake garda in 2016 the only hotel that had not get corrupted.
it was a peomising workplace. They had a good reputation on a 4 star level servvice and I liked Vanessa , my boss from the beginning. She was strict but warm and a good teacher.
however she had been told a few weird things about me and it took a while until she realized that they were not true.
However I was still terrorized from the persecutions and happenings of 2015 and was nor able to keep it to myself that I had been stalked and terrorized by people who had even tried to kill me.
how could I know that Malcesine itself had been involved into all that?

I was told to be careful and that they wouls be known for taking no risks and eapecially the mother and her twinaister of Vanessa I should be very careful with because one of them would be evil.

I had not the impression at all until my last workday.
They all were nice and friensly and genuine.Aurhentic of that famiky which I liked.
once either her mother or her aunt even came to me and said. Well..particular authentic people should stick together and I agreed on that fully.

but thwre were issues with the other secretary and with one of the cleaning ladies.

One of the clea ing ladies from albania turned out in 2017 to be as well the clea ing lady of Camela Zeni in Villa Maria Margherita.

One day I came to work and after having had breakfast and one of the candies offered at the reception desk I started to have brain fog. My concentration dropped to zero and I was slowed down entirely. From the next day onwards it was the same. Whenever after breakfast there I started to loose concentration which slowed down the learning and i troduction process.
one mor i g when I was on my way to work to them on the bike about the location where there is the old villa gelmi (previous location of the language school accontatto) something dropped on my head ..just as if there had been raindrops ans as well shortly afterwards I felt weirs bur I was not able to figure ir.Just remember giggling teenafers from somewhere above the stone wall that I was passing with the bike to val di sogno.

I lost xoncentration and made a mistake in the translation of the menue for the kitchen leading to the situation that the cook orpared again the same meal as the orevious day.
but i was not able to remember that i had made thr mistake. I used to be very acvurate and was sure that i was not the person who did the error and so i said.
I sonr know whwther it was whatever had been done to me that I could not remmeber that it was me to have done the mistake or whether it was an i fiktrated person who did sabotage after my translation as had happenes later in 2017 at costa favoloda where to my tasks as well belonged to do the translation for the bord newspaper for the german guests.
One day i saw someine of the famiky okivi passing and saying to someone in a sort directing voice "hanno fatto il loro dovere" . it was said in a weird voice and seems not refer to cleaning rooms.
when i came home that day i found for the first time co tact poison on my bedsheets in my very own flat.
Was it connected? I dont know.
the next time I used the make up that I had extra bought for thr 4 star superior reception standard i had an allergic reaction. It was all weird but i did not want to make assumorions. There were other weird things going on with the nightly abuse by people who were let in by those who live in the same building where my flat is.

one of the next days i heard another person of the hotel famiky passing and saying to domeone something about the local police and that it would just be a matter of thr right price. I did not take any further notice of it seen I had my own things to worry about and in that town a lot of things seemed to be weird.

It became even mkre particular when someone in clothing came to the reception that looked like nazi uniforms or there was a nazi jewelry attaches to it.

Foetunately Vanessa did lead him away wuickly and I had not to i terfere with that person.

Another person once entering was someone with a particular ring. He seemed to be rather friendly and sympathetic. I did not mind to be answering polite questions.

But one of the next days which was my last work day the i trigue into whixh were involved the co secretary and the albanic cleaning lady took place..

When i went to lunch they wanted me to have a specidic plate.i notices that it had been wiped with some oily substance before the cook put the food on it.

I made sure to onky eat what had not touched the plate itself and kept silent during lunch.

But while walking back to the reception the secretary said to the alban person "she knew it already before she came here".
at a later point in the afternoon either the mother or the aunt of vanessa came and while she was around and almost observing one of the other employees came to offer me special sweets. I dont k ow whether i refused straight away or whether i took one or whether i took one but not did eat it.

When it was time to go after work the lady who had watched the scene of the candy offer said in a very weird tone was said almost in an evil voice as if she did not expect to see me again.

Seen there constantly had been people making comme ts regards Mechrhild and janina whixh made obvious that they in some way had to do with evwrything by people from outside the hotwl i had taken my decision. I had to co front that lady in germany to ask what all that bullshitwas about.otherwise i never would be able to live in peace my own life.

Unfortunately i was at that piint so discouraged and not in the position to trust any further person that I neither trustrd to contact Vanessa who always was genuinely friendly and as well satisfied with my work eventhough it was an entire different work than the therapeutical healing disciplines I had dedicated and invested my entire study time and finances throughout the previous decades.
But i knew if i work the season there i easily wouod find work as well on the cruiseships where I always had been interested to work at some point. I could have told vanessa and i am sure if i had approached her back then she would have taken care of it.but i did not trust anyone on that day and was rather then focused to concentrate on claryfying the situation of people responsible for everything.

so i left without any notice.
With full justification they fired me and did not even want to hear the explanations later.

It had been the ONLY workplace in my entire ljfe where I have lost my employment due to own faults.

I several times later reapplied with them and for 2021 I eventually would have been possible to restart with them but as soon as Maria Rossi found out she said to his husband antonio romagnoki .
"but who offered her a kob already now? Who is it.she must not stay at lake garda.".

With vanessa i clairified the situation of 2016 butnwhat really happened there until the day of today is unknown.

I had tried to reachbout to them during the ladt year several times seen they were among those who evidently had as well their contacts to the carabinieri malcesine to please clarify the situation and what had been done to me.
But whether they ever received my messages I dont know because they never answered.

in contrary. In 3 occasions where I had tried to contact them there were shortly afterwards set ups and almost attempts of murder .one time in freece and 2 times in the united states.

Whether this is connected or someone tried to prevent that they would be able to help resomving everytbing is unknown.

Whixh role they playes during the fascist time i neither know.

I always had respectrd them seen they had always been persons who k ew the world and wbo had traveled as well and had been living overseas speaking more than just one language.

but there was one other situation in 2017 that was related to dorigoni zeni and club hotel olivi.
on or next to the property of club hotel olivi there is the sportcamp stickl. A sailing school owned by a xouple from.south tirol alto adige.
andrea dorigoni had to do with them seen he repaired the sails of thr sailing boats and once he took me there.
The wrird thing was that it wad a few days after i had put a note i to my flat that if the violations of my home during my absence or other things would not stop i would i form europol and interpol (europol has its headwuarter at Grenoble,interpol at lyon).
andrea i teoduced me to friends of him who worked at sportcamp stickl and then the guy said with a weird tone that he would have friends near grenoble. I dont even remember the context of why he was saying it.

But one thing was obvious now.
Nomatter who was the employer I was working for from.2016 o wards they had received access ro my flat in via saltari o 6, i terno 9.

How was that possible???

I had 


- i just received info that club hotel olivi had just and
only given me the employment due to that Anny
Verdoren asked them the facpur to do that. Well Anny
Versoren knew dried heinz theodor junker throughout
his entire time and connection to lakr garda.
She knew as well bery well that I am not disabled or
depressive seen and for sure not adopted seen she
knew me from baby age onwards.

Funny enough i had as well reached for help to her in
2021 regards the abusers and people entering my flat
during the night but she just accused me of exxagerated
It might be interesting to know that one of her daughters
as well carries thr name saskia and even more
interesting that her son had been involved i. The
CONSTRUCTION of the building my glat is in and in
which do live only state agency representatives.

- a few words again as well about dorigoni seen there
were people who askes how come that i would have
known them at all because they would be known for
selling prostitutes at malcesine.

Well.. Andrea dorigoni coincidentally in the very moment
when i was in the little dely of alma and antonia
bommartini walked into the shop and asked antonia
whether she wouls know someone who would be able to
take inhouse living care od his 90year old mother in law
and give her company during the day and be around dor
emergencies during the night.

Seen i had ended up wirhout money in 2016 I was gald
about the offer and antonia with whom i from now and
then was invited to eat pizza with her friends and who
always had been friendly assured me that those would
be good people.
Well.. That info that andrea dorigoni is involved in
offering prostitutes now explains a lot. As well why he
knew that pervert and serial killer of 2020.

- A few notes regards then 2017 cosata favolosa.
There i was constsntly put under manipulatives when i
did not take special care which caused brainfog and
slowed dpwn my performance.
One time a colleauge called silvia came dueing a
gangway woekshift of embarkation day and touched my
arm wirh a strong grip.shoetly afterwards the contact
poison substance that i had come to learn to identify
from 2016 onwards drippeled theough my uniform and
caused me to loose concentration. Another time a
colleauge from a different depatment i did not even
know with the surename olivieri touched my hand and i
had within 1 minutes a burbing tixkling effect on my skin
and was foetunately able to find the possibility to go and
wash my hands.another time socalled guests looked for
an excuse to greet me with a hug (entirely inappropriate)
and afterwards one of my pearl earrings was missing. A
few days later i heard a person saying that a lady would
have reported theft of HER pearl earring.
Another night i came back to my cabin and found
contact poison arespectively crumbling co tact
narcotics on my bedsheets and while my roommate
stayes that night at her boufriends cabin i had an abuse
nightmare with remembering to wake up shortly after
physiological touch of lips on mine.
Another time a person called heike mueller made a
phonecall with someone being in panic because despite
of all sabotages i wouls have made a very good
inoression on various people inclusive the captain who
had coincidentalky a friend of his on board for visit who
had taken notice of me and my good behaviour and
performance towards impatient guests around thr front
One week later nonetheless I was fired and disembarked
with the excuse of not enough well performance.
While i only 1 week had real training. The weeks before
it was heike mueller and silvia who had been training me
respectively NOT training me.
As well there was on the second day a colleauge from
belgium who they had tried to give directives to tey to
seduce me whixh i was nor interested in.

I had as well constantly fake gyests in excursions or at
the complaint desk or in behind the scenes tours who
afterwards complaiend for no rewdon or sabotaged
during me being responsible. And one time they
corruotrd the tourguide onshore to make comme ts that
i should contact my relatives.
On the day before embarkation in copenhagen there had
beem the biggest amount of contactpoison been found
in the hotelroom reserved for me i ever had come across
throughout the last years. And peopel in their 70s that
had similarity to the famiky of marion wissing were
closely observing me sitting in the lobby.

I had asked second sheets whixh as well turned out to
be manipulated. So i slept without sheets at all and had
put the huge chair of the room in front of the door.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 18.11.2022.


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