Samoa Rider



I throw my fears, I throw my sorrows

I throw them far as I can throw

I put my sword down, drop the arrows

Lose my armor and my gown


I count my scars like loving memories

I touch them one by one each day

Beloved and hated treasuries

They tell my story – in their way


I show my mistakes, all my secrets

My skin is bare, all guards are down

I´ll fear no pain, no hidden threats

But when you enter, you might drown...


I´m open, hoping, longing, waiting

For one to love my skin so burnt

For one to undestand my craving

For one to sooth my constant hurt


But hearts I touch, they end up breaking

Everytime, I let one in

So choose it well, the risk you`re taking

When you reach under my skin..


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Samoa Rider.
Published on on 27.03.2019.


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