The fornication even endangers life and monarchy.

Because as heir to the throne Charly from Gotha
at a young age loved an female esoteric Camille-Guide,

and little Simone saw the light of the world.
Granny Liz was not amused by it.

The head of the Church in heathen cult
loved to kill animals by hand.
Grandpa Phil turned drunk over on the sidewalk.

Later, SimOne said,
that he was adopted by a lady of the majsticcourt.

This story, oh, so sad,
supposedly told him the mother of his foster mother
on her deathbed.

A goddess of the hunt became the prince's wife,
begat with him the first son of two sons.

So one tells, for the second one,
she let herself be spoiled by a Captain.

The mystery of SimOne became known to her.
She herself became a hunted woman.

She wanted to announce it to the people.
Lady died In the tunnel over the hidden place
of worship of the moon goddess.

Buttler Paul revealed a letter of her in a daily Mirror,
in which her fear for her life stood bitter.

Now SimOne fears for his life during day,
because may be he is next in the line
of succession to father Charly.

A genetic analysis could clarify him for the future king.
In the same time you can hear a world wide call on the street.

Listen! Yahweh will through Jesus, his Christ,
soon destroy whores, murderers, the greedy and the evel ones!

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Siebenstein.
Published on on 17.02.2019.


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