Richard Rodriguez

Fools Gold












    Oh God… Someone help me please. Someone.. Oh the pain when will it stop? When will they be done? With his one remaining eye Jason looked down at the obscene remnant of his body. He could not understand how he could still be alive, or why he could not pass out. His feet were gone, as were his right leg and arm. He knew that his ears, and of course his larynx (you cannot have the babies being disturbed while they are being fed could we). How long has it been? They told me that they could keep a strong man like me alive for months, while the babies slowly fed off me. Oh God please let me pass out. But no that can’t happen can it? They need all the adrenaline that the brain could produce. It makes the feed just right for the growing babies. Oh God why did I have to be so greedy…

    Jason Feltworth saw nothing but fame and fortune before him. He could not believe what he was seeing. He looked over his shoulder to make sure that he was not being observed peeking into the house. He knew the his associate at the Syracuse Institute of Paranormal Psychology  or SIPP as it was called; was acting strange of late. Jason had been watching him for over a week as he went about sneaking around, and stealing equipment from the  SIPP labs. He decided that tonight he was going to follow him home and see just what he was up to; but this was beyond his wildest dream. Inside, in the center of the room stood a cage, with what appeared too be a little man maybe three feet tall and his skin was pale and rubbery, his eyes were huge and fish like, with the darkest pool of black he has ever seen in eyes. All set in a head that was to big with mouth and flat nose that seemed all to small. The man/creature had wires running through out his body and hooked into various machine and monitors. 

Jason pried open the window, he was raising it just when the door at the top of the stairs opened. DR Chambers walked down into the room; he went to the cage.

“Now my little friend, how are you doing this evening?” Chambers asked

“Please, I make you richer than before.” The little creature said. 

Jason’s interest peeked at this. He strained harder to hear. 

Dr. Chambers laughed at this, “My good man, thought better of this, or whatever you are, do you not understand that I will be very rich and quite famous for discovering you. Now if you will just relax. I need to draw some more fluid samples from you.”

Jason watched as Dr. Chambers took some blood and what looked like saliva samples. After taking the samples Dr. Chambers went back up the stairs and left the room. 

Jason’s thoughts raced over what he just witnessed his thoughts centered on what the little creature said. “Rich, rich beyond your wildest dreams” Jason looked back at the cage, “Well, well, well. I do believe that I am going to be rich.”  He said to himself as he opened the window and let himself in. Once in he let his eyes adjust to the setting darkness, he carefully made his way to the center of the room. Not knowing what to expect he approached the cage slowly. 

The man/thing appeared to be resting. Now that he was getting a better look at the “thing” Jason was finding it more difficult in believing what he was seeing. The “thing” appeared to have an almost comical look about it. Like it was a bad attempt, by a novice cartoonist to draw a human. The skin, from what Jason could see was pale and appeared rubbery. Jason started thinking himself a victim of a very bad joke. He was about to turn and leave when the Creature’s eyes suddenly opened. Jason froze as the thing spoke. 

    “Could this my savior be? Please help I, must go home I cannot be gone long I.” It spoke in broken English like an immigrant new to the country.

After several attempts, Jason was able to get his mouth to work.“Who... What are you?” Jason asked

    “Kay-tar name, a Nilmerg are us, us live long with humans, one time your month when harvest moon gate opens, allows us to pass to the human world. Only twenty-four of your day keepers can stay I, before time over must go home. If no go home must stay here until next moon”

As Jason listened he noticed an almost hypnotic quality in Kay-tar’s voice. Jason shook his head “Nilmerg?” Why does that sound familiar? Jason pushed aside the thought and asked

“So the harvest moon was almost a month ago how did you get stuck here?”

    “Gatherer am I” Kay-tar explained. “come here, take things that interest us to home. In your learn place was I, looked some bottles open one, I did, head spins then go dark, wake up here… What means ether?”

Jason could hardly contain himself he started giggling which lead to explosive laughter. Kay-tar stared wide-eyed at him, 

    “Why laugh you?” Kay-tar asked

Jason brought himself under control. “Nothing, nothing at all.” Jason groaned to himself ,not only does he speak like Tonto from the Lone Ranger, he is sensitive also, “look what does Chambers want with you anyway?” Jason asked

    “He says he become famous for finding I. I tell you please help I. To my people I need go. Make you rich will I.” Kay-tar said

Jason thought about this for a moment. He licked his lips as he spoke. “How can you make me rich. You can’t even get out of that cage?”

    “My home, many of your rich stones are there, you help I, many of the stones you take.” Kay-tar responded

    “Stones, what type of stones?” Jason asked

    “The ones that look like sun.” Kay-tar said

Jason feeling giddy asked, “Sun? You mean gold… I’ll be God damn if you do not mean gold”

    “Yes That is the name by you humans. Please help I.”  Kay-tar confirmed

Jasons started rubbing his chin in thought. “You are going to have to convince me better, how do I know that you are not lying, that there really are riches waiting for me?” He asked

    “I tell you, know you the water by the music place?” Kay-tar asked

    “You mean the Syracuse amphitheater on Onondaga Lake?  Yeah I know the place?” Jason replied

    “Follow waterway of sun, go to grandfather tree. Make hole on the side of sun, there find you box with riches.” Kay-tar said

    “Alright, I’ll check it out, if you are right, and the gold is there, then I will help you. If not you can rot here for all I care.” With that Jason turned and started for the window, Kay-tar stared after him…

    Once outside, Jason could hardly contain himself. He started running for his car, jumped in and sped away heading towards Onondaga Lake.

    After two hours of trudging and cussing while following the shoreline, Jason found the tree. He felt it more than he saw it. It was a dark foreboding place. Jason almost tuned back, back his greed (he liked to think it was his curiosity) got the best of him. 

    He went to the west side of the tree and started digging. After fifteen minutes, he uncovered a metal box, with growing eagerness he removed it from the soil. He inspected it, it did not appear to have a latch or opening. Jason looked disgustedly at the box. “Well Kay-tar it looks like your lying Nilmerg ass going to rot, DAMN.” Just then the box started illuminating, dimly at first, the slowly building in intensity and brightness. 

    “What the hell!!”  Startled, Jason threw the box down, and looked away. There was a popping sound and then a flash. And then, just as suddenly, everything was back to normal. Jason turned around and hesitantly approached the box. The box was open now and a strange green glow was emanating from it. Jason reached down and gently picked up what appeared to be green stones. Though they were oddly shaped and were highly polished he could not see any value in them. “What the hell is this crap?” Jason shrugged his shoulders, and pulled out the sack that he brought with him and placed the stones in it. 

    It was well after midnight when Jason returned to Dr Chambers house. He peeked into the darkened room as he tried the window. He signed in relief as the window opened for him. Using a flashlight that he got from his car, Jason made his way to the center of the room. In a whisper he called out. “Kay-tar? Kay-tar? Can you hear me?”

    Kay-tar here, Kay-tar is glad that his savior is returned. Kay-tay said

You can cut the savior crap you little shit! Listen I went through two hours of hell trying to find that Goddamn tree and two hours finding my way back and all I got to show for it is some damn stupid looking rocks.” Jason fumed

    “Not yell at Kay-tar, Kay-tar tell truth. This is valuable rock man always seeks. Kay-tar insisted

    “Listen you little dwarf I was not born yesterday, I know what gold looks like, and this green shit” Jason lifted one of the stones for emphasis. “IS NOT GOLD!”

    “Yet it is not, but you can make your gold.” Kay-tar said

Jason’s mouth dropped opened  “What do you mean I can make gold? What are you saying?”

    “You must first mix with warm blood” Kay-tar said

    “BLOOD! You… you… mean like pig blood or chicken blood?” A dark chill passed through Jason as he realized the answer before Kay-tar spoke. 

    “No must be human blood” Kay-tar confirmed

    “Are you crazy, where am I going to get human blood from?” Jason asked

Just then the door at the top of the stairs opened. “Is there someone down there?” Dr Chambers asked a he peered down into the darkness. He turned on the light to the basement and started down the stairs. 

Jason watched as Dr Chambers walked down the steps, he pulled out his knife that he had with him and smiled…

    Jason was driving back to his house. It was a long day and he wanted to go home, take a shower and go to bed. He especially wanted to wash off the blood from his knew gold. Jason smiled to himself, he could not believe how easy it was, it was like someone else was doing it, and Jason was watching. Boy did he like watching that old fart die. Jason smiled again. 

    “Why keep Kay-tar in cage. Kay-tar keep word. Please help Kay-tar to…” Jason cut him off. “Yeah, yeah, I know, Kay-tar go home, well listen here my little friend, you’re my ticket to the good life, so I am going to keep you in that cage until I get the rest of my gold.” 

With that Jason continued the rest of the drive home humming to himself “I am in the Money” all the while feeling his gold…

    The next morning Jason got up early, and the first thing he did was look in the phone book under gold dealer’s, he saw that is was going to be a least two hours until any of them opened. He decided to work out with his weights, and have breakfast. All the while Kay-tar eyed him never saying a word. Jason wondered if Kay-tar was hungry, or for that matter, if he ate the same food that humans did. He decided not to worry about it. “Listen Kay-tar, if the gold checks out, we are going to be rich.”he said

    “I need not your money. You take me home.” Kay-tar said. 

Jason rolled his eyes “Yeah, yeah, no problem, but remember you promised me more gold if I got you home.”

    “How much more gold need you?” Kay-tar asked

    “Ha, ha.” Jason laughed “Oh mana are you kidding me, I want to be rich, so rich that nothing would be impossible. Do you realize how powerful I can become?” he asked

Kay-tar just stared at Jason. 

Jason shrugged his shoulders and waved a dismissive hand at Kay-tar “What the Hell would you know about it anyway?”

    After getting dressed Jason put a sheet over Kay-tars’s cage  he smiled to himself and said  “Just like a parrot, I wonder if  he will go to sleep.” 

Then he left. It took him about a half an hour to make his way to the jeweler’s shop. Once there Jason saw that it was one of those ritzy places. Jason had reservations about going inside. The he laughed to himself. “I am one of them now” (I hope). When Jason walked in, the salesman eyed him with obvious distaste. Jason walked up to him with a big smile and reached out with an offering hand.

 “How are you doing partner?” Jason asked with his big J.R, Texan imitation voice. The salesman shook his hand like he was touching garbage. 

    “Are you sure that you are in the right place?” The second hand establishment is down the block.” He said in a most annoying snooty voice.

 Jason held his tongue and mentally counted to ten. Then he put on his best winter smile as he spoke. 

“Listen you little creep I know where I am, now are you going to assist me or what?”

 The salesman rolled his eyes.

    “How may I help you… sir?”

    “That’s more like it. I have some family stones… actually gold that I am trying to sell…”

One of the salesman’s eyes arched. “I am afraid… sir… that we are not a pawnshop… nor do we traffic in… Shall we say borrowed items.”

Jason glared at him. “I said that these belonged to my family, I just want them appraised.” 

With that Jason pulled out the bag and emptied the contents on the counter. Jason was quit content with the salesman’s reaction his mouth and eyes opened wide. 

After a few force starts the salesman was able to speak.

    “Never in all my days as a jeweler have I seen a more perfect piece of gold. May I?” 

He asked as he reached for one of the nuggets.

    “By all means” 

Jason smugly said as he allowed the salesman to pick up a nugget for a closer inspection. After a few minutes of letting the salesman inspect 

Jason spoke. “So… How much do you think that they are worth?” He asked

The salesman still inspecting the nugget, “it’s two ounces I will give forty five hundred

for this one, and any other like it?”he said

Jason, barely able to contain himself stammered. “forty..forty five hundred dollars? Just for this one?”

    “Yes and I will give it to you now. Tell me, where did your… Ah,… your family heirlooms come from”.. the clerk asked

    “Never mind that.” And with that Jason took back the nugget and added “Look, let me get back to you.”

The salesman grabbed Jason’s arm pleadingly. “Please will you at least take my card, and give me a call later if you change your mind and want to sell them, my home phone number is also on there. Please feel free to call me at anytime.” 

Jason smirked  “My ain’t it funny how important one could become once everyone finds out that you have money?” 

Jason left the shop humming his now as of late favorite money tune. 

    As he drove home, Jason could hardly contain himself. “forty five hundred  times twenty… Shit… that’s ninety thousand dollars… Kay-tar you sweet little…whatever you are

    When he got home, Jason ran into the apartment. 

    “Kay-tar… I am rich, you were right, those nuggets are worth a fortune…”

Kay-tar looked up emotionless. “You take Kay-tar home now?”

    “You bet little, buddy, now what do we do? You said that we must wait until the next harvest moon… that’s tonight, you have to go home tonight?” Jason asked

    “Yes, if you take Kay-tar to tree there is away.” kay-tar responded

A cold chill ran through Jason as he thought about the tree. That whole area did not feel right. “You must bring warm blood to place of grandfather tree, so we can enter.” 

    “How… how much more blood? How much more damn you?” Jason asked

Kay-tar just looked emotionless as ever as he spoke. “We will need two more of your people.”

    “TWO? ARE YOU CRAZY?… WHY TWO?…” Jason’s head was reeling. 

    “One is needed for entrance into my home. Other needed for your gold. Kay-tar stated in a matter of factly tone.  

Jason started thinking out loud. “Where am I going to find two bodies?”

    “Blood must be warm,” Kay-tar added in the same matter of factly tone

    “I know damn it.” Jason glared at Kay-tar as he spoke. “If I didn’t know any better, I swear that you are enjoying this.” 

    “Not like, need… to go home. I…”    

“Yeah, yeah I know E.T go home, and all that other garbage, Jason finished for Kay-tar  but where am I going to find one person, let alone two, and how am I going to convince them to come with me to the woods? I mean…” Just then the ringing of the phone interrupted Jason’s thoughts. 

He looked at the phone screen and saw that it was his work , he cursed beneath his breath as he answered the call. “Hello? He asked

    “Jason?” A female voice responded

    “Yeah, this is him”

“Jason, this is Silvia. Just calling to see if you are ever going to make it into work today.”she said

Jason groaned inwardly, how he hated this snooty bitch, he was just about to hang up on her, when he was struck with an idea, he grinned as he answered. “Sure, I am coming in… but  Silvia listen… I think that I found something that you will be very interested in… can you come out to the apartment? There was an audible pause.

    “Listen Jason, I do not have time for any of your games, and I do not think that I am up to fighting off any of you advances. I mean you have arms like octopus, Now you promised me the last time that if I did not report you to human resources, that you would stop making advances towards me, are you breaking that promise now Jason? Don’t you think that you are pushing it?” she asked smugly

Pushing it, I’ll show you pushing it you snooty bitch Jason thought as he responded

 “Silvia listen, if what I have to show you does not impress you as soon as you arrive, you can leave. But I guarantee that you will be impressed. You will be very impressed.”

Another audible Pause… All right Jason, what time do you want me to come over?” She asked

Jason thought for a moment. “how about two thirty?” Jason offered

    “Okay, I’ll be there, and what you have to show me better be good you hear?”

You little bitch Jason thought but responded with “Yeah I hear.”

    Good! Oh before I forget, have you any idea where Dr. Chambers is. He did not show up for work this morning and I have been calling his home, but there has been no answer. have”

Jason hung up the phone on her before she could finishes what she was saying. “Don’t worry you’ll be seeing Dr. Chamber’s soon… real soon you snooty bitch.” Jason turned to Kay-tar, “Well that’s one.” He said

Kay-tar just stared blankly back at Jason “We go soon?”

    “Yeah we go soon. I figure we will leave around dark.” Jason said

    “That is good, we leave soon…” Kay-tar looked at Jason and added  “You strong man” he stated rather then asked

Jason felt confused and uneasy “Well…well yeah, I guess that you can say that.”he stammered.

    “That is good… strong men are always good.” Kay-tar said. 

Now Jason felt that Kay-tar was being down right spooky. “Why… why do you say that?” He asked

But Kay-tar would not answer, he just sat down in his cage and closed his eyes. Jason tried to shake off the unnerving feeling that Kay-tar gave him. “Well enough of that. Let’s see who else I can get as number two.” Just then Jason remembered the jeweler’s card, he fished it out of his wallet and looked at it. 

John Boyar “Jeweler At Large” “What a jerk, but if anything, I do know people, and this one would sell his mother if the price was right… He’ll do fine.” Jason took his phone and dialed the number on the card. It rang three times before it was answered by a familiar snooty voice. 

John Boyar, how may I help you?”

    “Yes this is Jason Feltworth, you know the man with the gold nuggets, do you remember me?”he asked

    yes, oh yes sir, how can I help you sir?”Boyar replied

    “Stop booth licking for a moment and listen up.” Jason said “How would you like to own that nugget plus twenty more that I have? And how would you like to find out where they came from?

          “YES… oh yes I would. Please sir I would…”

    “Well it is going to cost you…”

    Yes anything, I’ll pay you twenty five thousand right now and…”

    “NO! Not money, it is going to cost you a favor.” Jason cut him off

    A… a favor sir? What type of favor?”Boyer stammered

    “Well… let’s just say that I am going to need some help with something. Why don’t you close up and come over here, and i’ll explain everything?”

    Yes, yes I’ll close up right now.”

    “Good, then I’ll text you the address, and I’ll see you in twenty minutes.” Jason texted him the address and hung up the phone. He turned to Kay-tar “Well that’s two. Now all we have to do is wait.”

And to Jasons frustration,Kay-tar did not respond, instead it just stared…

    The doorbell rang for a few minutes before Jason decided to answer it. Jason knew that it was the jeweler and he wanted him to wait in nervousness for a bit. When Jason opened the door, John was they’re looking real anxious. 

    “Sir… I came as soon as I possibly could.” He said almost out of breath.

Jason smiled. “I am sure that you did, well don’t you just stand there come in and close the door behind you.”

 John entered the apartment and closed the door behind him. “What is this favor you need of me?” John asked

    “Straight to the point aren’t we? Jason asked  Well I like that, now what would you say if I was to tell you that the same place, where the nuggets that I showed you, that there are thousands and thousands more, just waiting for someone to come around and collect them?” Jason noted with satisfaction the way John’s mouth dropped open. “And suppose that I told you we can go out tonight and get them?” Jason smiled as he watched John’s knees buckle forcing him to take a seat.

John swallowed before he spoke “T… Thousands?”he asked

    “That’s right Johnny boy, thousands just waiting for you and me to pick them like flowers. And you know what?”

Speechless John could only shake his head no.

    “Half of that can be yours.” Jason said with a flourish

John blinked his eyes “Half? W… What is it I have to do?”

    “That’s what I like to hear. Here is a list of items we are going to need. I want you to get them and be back here by seven sharp. Oh and one more thing.. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!”

John took the list and looked at it. “Jason?”


    “We are not going to break any laws or anything are we?” John asked

    “Remember; no questions asked.” Jason put his arm around John’s shoulder and led him to the door. “Hey don’t worry about it, we are going to be filthy rich?” Jason said as john went out the door, and scurried to his car “Damn snooty jerk.” He said after him

Jason shut the door and went about setting up the apartment for Silvia’s visit, he wanted everything to be just right…

    Silvia reluctantly rang the doorbell; she had no desires to be here but Jason was so damn convincing. She was just about to ring the doorbell again when the door suddenly opened… and appeared the annoying face that was Jason.

    “Well Silvia how nice to see you, how are…”

Silvia shoved her way passed Jason cutting him off mid sentence “Fine; now let’s get this over with, what is it that was so important, that you dragged me out here to this… this dump?” She said looking around in pure disgust.

Jason kept a tight smile on his face as he closed the door and followed Silvia into the apartment. “Fine if you will step into the living room I can promise you all questions will be answered.” He said smiling

Silvia walked to the entrance of the living room where she stopped and scanned the room, her eyes opened wide with both surprise and amazement as they settled on the cage that was in the center of the room. In that cage was Kay-tar staring impassively at her. “My God Jason, what is it? Is this some sort of joke?” She said as she approached the cage; Kay-tar stood up as she neared. If it was not for the shock of seeing Kay-tar, Silvia would probably have heard Jason coming up behind her. She was just bending over to get a better look at Kay-tar, when Jason put an ether filled cloth over her nose and mouth. Silvia struggled for about thirty seconds, the last thing she saw was Kay-tar impassively staring down at her, and she realized deep in her heart that she will never see anything or anyone else ever again…

    Jason lowered Silvia to the floor; he looked up at Kay-tar, and Kay-tar stared back “Ether?” Kay-tar asked

This Brough on an uncontrollable fit of laughter in Jason, it took him a minute to get himself under control. Wiping a tear from his eye Jason spoke. “Yes Kay-tar that was ether.” Jason taped her hands and feet, then he taped her mouth. Once done he stood up and looked over his handy work. “There, she does not look to snooty now.”

    “Me go home now?” Kay-tar interrupted

Jason signed “Yes in a little bit, as soon as the jerk gets here. I tell you what; you are not one for patience are you?” 

Kay-tar just stared…

    The doorbell rang at seven sharp, Jason quickly opened the door and let John in. John entered carrying a large box. Jason was going to give John a hand with the box, then thought better of it…

Let the little shit do it himself, Instead he asked: “So did you have any problems getting the items?”

    “No I didn’t” John responded

Jason looked into the box and raised an eyebrow “Where is the rest of the stuff”

    “Out in the car”John responded

    “Good” Jason said

    “Do you mind me asking why you had me purchase these items?” John asked

    “Well Johnny boy we are going to have a nice night out by the lake and in the woods.” Jason said 

A look of distaste flashed across John’s face.

 Jason smiled and threw John a pair of coveralls. “Well are you going to change, or are you going for the best dressed woodsman award?” Jason asked

John  took the coveralls to the bathroom to change. While John was doing that; Jason took some of the items out of the box and went into the bedroom. He pulled out a leather case and eyed it critically. “It will do.” He went over to Kay-tar. “Listen, I am going to have to cover your cage for a while, and you are going to have to be quiet.” He said

Kay-tar stared at Jason. “We go now?”

Jason signed. “Yeah we go home now.” With that Jason put the cover over the cage and adjusted the straps so that the cover would stay on.

    “Why put Kay-tar in darkness?”

    “Listen Kay-tar, I cant let the geek see you, not now anyway. It is going to be bad enough trying to get him to go along with doing the bitch.” Jason explained

    “Geek?” Kay-tar repeated

    “Yeah geek, I cannot have him freaking out on me. Do you understand?”he emphasis

    “We go home now?” Kay-tar repeated

    “Yes, yes you little shit, we go home now. Now will you shut up?” Jason turned and left the room, John was already changed and waiting for him. Jason thought that he looked like a fish out of water with those clothes on. “Are you ready?”

    “Yes I am.” John answered. 

    “Good, go down to the car and open the trunk.”  Jason ordered

John looked like he was going to say something but Jason cut him off. 

“Now, now no questions asked remember?” He reminded John 

John closed his mouth and left the apartment. Jason went to the closet and dragged Silvia out, he checked to make sure that her binds were still secured. He started putting her into a large sack. Once done he hefted her up on his shoulder, and took her out to the car.where John was waiting. Jason could see the color draining from John’s face as he realized what Jason was carrying. Jason approached the car and deposited Silvia into the trunk, and slammed it close. He looked up and saw the shocked look on John’s face, he smiled as he walked up to John and put his hand on his shoulder. “What’s the matter Johnny boy? You look like you seen a ghost.” Jason asked smiling

“You… you said nothing about murder.” John stammered 

Jason removed his hand from John’s shoulder. “John I told you that you were going to have to pay a heavy price for the gold, or do you just want to forget about it?” He said glaring at John

John stood silent and just stared at the trunk.

“Well? Answer me damn it, do we go or do we forget it?” 

John took one last look at the trunk before making his decision. John licked his lips before answered “We… we go.” He said

    “Good choice Johnny boy.” Jason grinned inward to himself as he closed the knife and thinking  (I really would have hated to had to had dragged your sorry ass into the trunk). Jason went back to the apartment and got Kay-tar when he put him in back sear of the car. 

John looked questionably at the covered cage “What’s” he started caught himself instead just said “never mind” I know, I know no questions.” John shut his mouth and got in on the passenger’s side. 

    In about an hour, Jason and John found themselves on a raft trolling along the lake bank. Jason patted himself on the back for the idea of using the raft instead of trudging trough the woods with that bitch and the cage carrying Kay-tar, got them there in a quarter of the time that it took him before.

    “Kill the engine” Jason ordered John, as he shined the light at the shore. Jason felt the same creepy feeling that he felt when he first came upon the tree. Jason a shot glance at John, he saw that John was also experiencing the same feelings of uneasiness. But Jason refused to let it spook him, he was feeling good, and felt that he was really close to becoming extremely rich. They drifted a little until Jason pointed to a spot on shore.

    “There… thats the place there.” John started the motor again and the raft headed in the direction that Jason was pointing in. 

    “Jason this place does not feel” John nervously spoke.

    “Yeah… I know what you mean,” Jason whispered to himself, to John he said, “Well don’t think about it just keep your mind on the prize Johnny boy.” Jason said while putting on a brave face. Jason put down the flashlight that he was carrying, and put on a miner’s hat that he brought along. He turned on the light just as John shut off the engine, letting the raft drift the rest of the way to the shore. Jason jumped out and tied the raft to a fallen tree branch. Then he picked up Silvia and carried her to the tree, where he placed her at the base. Jason returned to the raft and got Kay-tar, when he returned to the tree, John was already there adjusting the light on his head band. Jason waited a moment until John was finished, then he said

 “Well John, I guess we are ready.” With that he took the cover off the cage. It took a couple of seconds for John’s brain to register what his eyes was seeing. When it did, John just refused to believe what he was seeing. “This is impossible.” Was his only response as he approached the cage for a better look. 

Unfazed, Kay-tar just stared his fish eyed stare, as John approached closer. 

Jason on the other hand was slowly pulling out a bottle of ether from his pack, and started pouring some onto a cloth, and with stealth that belied his size, Jason crept up behind John. John’s nose crinkled as he caught  a whiff of the ether. 

When Jason  spoke he was right behind John. “Oh you can believe it all right. I just want to thank you for helping me get my gold.” Jason said 

Startled at the closeness of Jason’s voice,  John jumped, And stated to speak, but all he got out was“Your gold? You mean our…” the sentence was never completed, for just then, Jason placed the ether soaked cloth over John’s mouth and nose. John tried in vain to remove Jason hand to  get away, but his eyes were already fogging over, and his head was starting to spin, and in a couple of seconds; he just did not care…

    “There that should shut that damn annoying voice. He said  “Now what do we do?” He asked Kay-tar as he opened the cage to let him out.

 “Ahhh…. Good to walk free again.” He looked at Jason. “Door there.” Kay-tar said as he pointed to the same spot where Jason dug up the gold before. “Must put warm blood there.” Jason went to Silvia. “Well ladies first I always say.” He opened the sack and dragged Silvia out. He took her to the spot where Kay-tar indicated, and laid her face down her neck centered right over the whole he previously made the first time he dug out the gold  He pulled out his knife from its sheath. 

“Well babe, I’ll name my first yacht after you.” With that he brought that blade across her throat going from ear to ear. The whole started filling quickly with blood. Jason stood up wiping his hands on his pant legs. He looked at Kay-tar, Kay-tar returned his all to familiar emotionless stare, not seaming to care about what just transpired. Jason shrugged “What now Kay-tar? What happens now?” Jason asked. 

Kay-tar walked up to the now newly departed Silvia, and looked into the hole. “More blood, needs more warm blood.” 

    “Now wait a minute, what about my gold?” Jason asked 

Kay-tar just looked at Jason. “More blood to go home and for your gold.Kay-tar explained 

Jason signed. “This deal is getting worse by the minute.” Jason grabbed John by his shirt collar and dragged him over to the tree, he dragged Silvia out of the way, and placed John in the same position. He grabbed a handful of hair, exposing his throat, he took his knife and slashed him unceremoniously  from ear to ear. Jason stayed keeling over John watching as his lifeblood flowed from his body. “There Kay-tar you wanted more blood, you got more blood. Now what about my gold damn you?”

    “Don”t worry Jason, we are going to make sure that you get everything you deserve.” With spin tingling clarity, Jason noticed two things at once , one was that strange rumbling could be felt coming from the tree, and two that for the first time since he met Kay-tar, he was talking normal, and not that broken English that he was talking before. Jason was just about to turn around when he felt something jumped on his back. Jason did not have to look to see that it was Kay-tar, and that the cloth being held over his mouth and nose was the same he used on John. The last thing that Jason heard before he passed out was one word from Kay-tar 


    Jason started coming out of his ether induced sleep. He his eyes opened slowly, it was as if a fog was dissipating. His mouth was extremely dry, and he had difficulties swallowing. When his vision cleared, he took in his surroundings, at first he thought he was seeing doubles. He saw two Kay-tar’s looking down at him, then he saw two more going about on some unknown task. One of Kay-tar’s approached him and spoke. “Good to see that you are awake. I could see in your eyes that you are surprised to hear me speak so clear.” Jason wanted to answer, but he realized that he could neither speak nor for that matter move. He also realized that he was totally nude…

    “You are probably wondering what is happening, well let me see if I can fill you in, you are… or I should say will be a host. You see our queen lay’s her eggs every fifty years, three days later when they hatch the larva needs a host to feed off of. They grow especially well when there is adrenaline present, the more the adrenaline the healthier the babies. That is why, I am afraid to inform you, that you will be kept awake, and you will be aware of everything, every bit of pain that takes place you will feel, but do not worry, your not alone, kay-tar waved  his hand around pointing out the other Nilmergs in the room taking care of their captures. But  I digress, where was I …oh yes, as the larva slowly digest your body, you will fell pain you never thought possible. Sorry, you will not be able to pass out, and you will never starve because we will feed you. We are so happy that you provided you own food.” Jasons mind raced as he tried to comprehend Kay-tar’s meaning, his eyes opened wide as the meaning dawned on him. 

Kay-tar smiled as he saw understanding set in, “Thats right Jason we so hope that you will enjoy the “Bitch” and the “Geek”, we found that they make the most nutritious meals and they will help keep your strength up. You will not be able to die until the larva eat the last of  your vital organs. You have a very healthy and strong body.  That is very fortunate for us, unfortunate for you I am afraid.” Jason could not believe what was happening. Jason watched in horror as they placed larva on him, there appeared to be hundreds of them. The Larva crawled a little bit until they each chose a spot to enter, there was a sharp pain as they bored into him using some sort of excreted acid like substance.. Jason could feel the larva boring in, the pain was excruciating, as hundreds of the larva started boring, each: seem to have it’s own signature pain.. then a thought finally clicked in his head, he finally realized why Nilmeg was familiar…its Gremlin spelled backward…Jason could not do anything, except acknowledge the painful realization  that his situation was totally bought on by his greed… 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Richard Rodriguez.
Published on on 13.10.2018.


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