Martín Renán Tirado Alvarez


I wished to draw out of a pen a story
This time, I tripped over my desk;
From the mental nudity, creative and quasi-vagabond:
there was an invitation, in the role of then.

Ephemeral, I do not understand of any place
where can I write poems
That at least look like poetry (so absurd)

The poet has taught me, without forms, nor rules,
the little that I know about me, and the other, what
he hides candle light (I unknow if it's a lie)

From long before, until now,
the art of writing is a difficult world for me
- The other time I had time to think -

Always, you are my closest dedication. 

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Martín Renán Tirado Alvarez.
Published on on 21.09.2018.


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