Pedro Santos

Life goes on ... without you !

He crossed the street to 31st Ave. He had just received the bad news via E-Mail on his Blackberry smart phone half an hour ago. It was raining. Darkness had embraced the city of cities. "Why ?", he asked himself over and over again. "Why she ?". Bismilla McCraddle had been a beautiful girl. She had always been efficient and straight forward in her job as in her private life. In fact, she had been living a very quiet life since she began studying medicine at university, and she had almost finished writing a thesis on 'Forensic measures to analyse sudden death caused by rattle snakes in the Nevada desert'. "Why she ?", he kept on wondering. "Well", he thought, "Probably her experimental results are correct and rattle snakes really don't care about who they bite nor when." He walked up the 24 steps which led from the main entrance of the building to his lab and met Rosetta Klein. "Nice of you to come over so quickly after my phone call just half an hour ago. After all I can supervise another thesis, and best of it, you can start right away, we have a fresh body to examine."


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Pedro Santos.
Published on on 22.04.2006.


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