Joseph Trance

The Sound of Heaven


~~Life, like some puzzles, comes together one piece at a time. Sometimes like other puzzles, it forms,  a few pieces over time(s).
  I had seen His death and gotten His brain, it was just a matter of time that I would want to be there for the beginning of His Life. 
In 1969 when I was fourteen, I won an honorable mention in a science fair for a project I called a “Big Ear”…a listening device that was made from a parabolic snow sled and an amplified microphone.  I could hear conversations taking place from 500 feet away.   While testing the thing I somehow picked up a radio signal:  two guys talking on ham radios; not a two-people face to face conversation, but an actual radio transmission.  I realized that the sled dish had become a giant antenna.   In 2009, forty years later there was a hand-held version of the project called “Spy Ear”, a toy that would be available for kids who wanted to be spies. 
 1 A.D.
         I slowly made my way up the hill overlooking the birthplace.   I moved towards the structure with the sled on my back, the microphone dangling against the shield. .  The small portable amp was heavy for its size due to the battery pack, and I had struggled not to drop it as I piggy-backed it up  the Hill.
     I picked a spot and placed the parabolic down and pointed it upwards. This time it would be the sound.  Not the visuals the Kirilian had given me a few months…years(?)…centuries  ago at the crucifixion.   No pictures this time.
    I wasn’t sure if all the electronics would survive the worm hole, but the Kirilian equipment had made it through, so I figured what the heck.
     I felt my body break into a sweat and the moisture just accentuated the cold as a wind blew over the hill and chilled my bones.  I looked up at The star and picked up the head phones.  What would it be like I wondered…just what would I hear?
    When  I was eight in 1964, I built my first crystal radio; a diode, earphone and a small coil of wire used as a tuner.    I remember the flood of sound that filled the earphones as I listened to my first home built radio.   The world of the unseen opened up to me in all its glorious AM and FM transmissions.  The diode was eventually replaced by a safety pin, and a copper penny and the coil got more sophisticated as I experimented with multiple windings to pick up more signals.  I eventually replaced the earphones with more sensitive headphones so I could hear the subtleties of the sounds. 

   I placed the phones down by the sled and dug deep into the coat pockets for the radio parts.   I placed my hand around the coil and slowly pulled it out.  I set it down into the bowl of the sled and then took out the copper penny, safety pin and rusty razor blade.  I put the pin's head on the penny and I connected them to the rusty blade by the threads of wire and then set the mike in place.  The chrome head faced the shield and I pointed it upwards and set it on a slant.   I stood back and looked at it. Perfect.  My 8th Grade science Project still had the “Honorable Mention” ribbon hanging from it. 
 ( Hertz would not transmit for another 1900 years, so would I hear anything at all?   But then again what I was listening for had nothing to do with radio waves.   A wave of doubt hit me; was this going to be a waste of time?   Was this a big mistake, a pipe dream based on some very bad guesses?  Would I hear anything at all?  The doubt faded and something inside me with the feeling of a whoosh, was saying “yes.”)

     I looked up at The star again,  and then closed my eyes.  I placed my hand over my heart and I could feel it beating out of my chest and took a long in- breath.  I breathed out slowly and opened my eyes.  I knelt down and flipped on the amp switch.  The power light came on and I picked up the head-phones, plugged them into the amp’s output and put them over my ears.  I pushed the “on” button on the microphone and turned up the volume on the amplifier slowly.  At first there was nothing, then a low hum and a hiss “sssssssss”  through the headphones.

  But  then…
  There were two  distinct movements of sound. The first one was His first baby cry.  It was a whimper against the silent night but it was distinct; the first sound breathed out by the Word. The birth cry echoed and died and silence returned.  But then... an explosion of sound came through my headphones:  a symphony of richness: voices, and music came in a rush of multi-sounds; a jumble of audio chaos.  But  then it settled, and I began to hear sounds that were familiar;   Gregorian Chants,  the Santus..the one, four and  five chord progressions of Praise....
       Then I heard choir voices,  powerful and strong, deep, rich, and multi-leveled; base, tenors, altos and sopranos singing chords and I detected whispers of Leonard Cohen's "the forth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift" …then harps, violins, strings, trumpets, woodwins and drums...floating…harmonizing  around a single familiar theme of praise. 
     And suddenly I was uplifted…not only in heart and mind but in body too.  And with a physical whoosh I am flying ...carried by the Heavenly sounds, drawn like a moth to a flame into the manger.   There He is.  I hang, floating like an angel suspended by the music.    And as I  look upon Him, the celestial voices wash over me in an ocean of beautiful, glorious sound, echoing one word of praise:  Hallelujah…Hallelujah…Hallelujah….




I would term this story as a "Puzzle story." It has references and pieces of some of my other works: His Brain, Notehood, Who and What You Are, Time-Back Trips, Lake of Blues and Name. There are also hints of my poems: God and Radio Waves, Against the Silent Night and Baby Gift. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Comments welcomed...Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 17.12.2013.


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