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Remarks to too different parts

From a strange fury I started to write on any day different parts and also as an experiment screenplay. I noticed fast that certain figures have only one and the same face. The face of a person whom one cannot understand so really whose facial play possibly is deceptive about this away what he feels. And just the mysterious what puts out him in such a way, although he for the rainbow press just not the most erotic (?) one Man of the world is: that what one can only foresee also by his role creation and then certainly still wrong indicates: inspired anyhow. Yes, in the right life what must repeat to itself necessarily, if one the luck and better still: a lot of talent and the necessary radiation has for the occupation of an actor? Then it can happen that people just mistake the put life for the real one of the artist and not always find him, therefore, so good. One may feel the same woeful look very well as dull and desolate ones, she annoyed me rather, so that I do not want to have a look at certain films with RF and become. A strange association originated in my head - to write also around a poem: Louis de fun - the big amusing French whose play I also loved about everything - now not at all sadly wanted to come along and Ralph Fiennes - the big just not cheerful Briton whose play annoys me now and again? Both actors have in common only one: many fans no matter whether they are dead or live. And these both actors are not the only artists whom I admire, but I will not write especially for every poems.

That sentence which I must look up to me over and over again anew to understand him properly: „Any scene reminds always in a little bit and was there already once.“ Does he play, therefore, only villains because all other comes along too softly to him? I got a fright at the bald head with which he appeared sometime also about that a lot, also am there of divided opinion: Actors save time if they just have no stress with real hair, still wig and is to be seen bald head quite practical and not to let come, therefore, in order the thoughts there better. Also a positive figure, like just the fictive RF - anyhow immediately 2 spots and the others Men with the letter R still in addition - can suffer, doubt himself and the world, almost despair, (however, they are not always left alone just in a history around love, grief, a little action, provocations, film, yes, maybe also theatre) if beloved people die, in any case, in one of my parts. RF - which there is under right name very well - is able of course even more than seem only suffering. Why, however, men with letter in the given name R. Does one divide a person internally on into property and Nastily? Rather, nevertheless, probably not, I have tried it, with the intertones on top of that: in the screenplay piece Ralph van den Bergen as the aristocratic artist who can well copy though, however, just only what makes him rather colorless, other Ralf who receives less good roles, besides, however, on the ground remains, give is and RF: old and points first, the guru who becomes younger just then and still the real one, however, just, nevertheless, not quite real number RF 2 in 2022 and afterwards. One can neither know how the future will develop, but fairy tales become level only in stories true. Was surprised and was pleased at the same time very much I, as "Dream of a woman" was well read to very well, for my concepts. Opportunity immediately sometimes to thank me. And to wish all great for the rest of the year, besides, to the readers what they wish themselves, everything may come true!

This fictive German film small town dares to let known, famous actors outside before? One may understand it as a provocation or not. RF may be made happy here to get at least one minor part - it also intends the badly written screenplay (on the German e. story page I call it just „the badly written screenplay“) and this minor part intends that he finds, among the rest, a dead child. He has not killed it, that child what has discovered to the story after the entrance in the empire of the souls. Unfortunately, the small girl tips over before fright deadly when the guardian just that shady appears. What has been intended first as a film: it is the soul world and how much one can expect shadow world on Sgrumies island and behind the fog.... of the readers, without it may seem too muddled? And, hence, will hardly surprise that certain surprises are not missing.

Why RF?


During an interview I also saw this abbreviation and it credits itself, one must also not pronounce the name. One may translate RF also differently for the history: Ralf Friedrichsson or Roffe F. a little fascination is also present of course: only this year it happened that I dealt a little more with the real actor RF and strangely also that I have seen myself the film "Spider" not yet about, this is not able at all. RF, the normal person shows a sick person, but how. Not as well as in the „English patient“: he is in his own world of the wrong dreams from the child time. I was annoyed when I did not get the book to the film and decided to tell the film simply for myself after, in very personal and of course fictive kind. (And is surprised is surprised: not on in English, but into language which has already spoken my mother: in German.) Since one could get to know at most from RF directly what has brought him to play the Spider which has almost only one job (and it is especially thrilling not really!): he observes, indicates wrong, desperately. There it is again: this Desperation which the real man has never realised certainly thus and also does not want to realise of course?! Who wants this already. It originate in the head of a writer - if one peruses the real life of RF by very short biography from the worldwide net - strange associations who either are not right or only causes. Should and must also be like that. However, Spider also has again that in itself what moves, in any case, a person like me to have wishes which are there: „One, to that would like to help one in doing a jigsaw puzzle. (would have had the advantage: Jigsaw puzzle ready.) “ The helplessness which he emits which deeply excites compassion. No notion whether RF had intended this so. Also as duke in the film „the duchess“ moments appear, in the end of the whole piece of art where in me this compassion spread again, besides, it should be a thick-skinned figure? Heathcliff also, the film "Wuthering Hights" I could not have a look up to now, clips have been sufficient to mean again: clearly, a type should be which should not be so great, but because RF plays him: Compassion and one cries with if he starts to mourn.-deeply human reactions, right? Compassion? Can this be a reaction of the actor which he either consciously provokes or accepts? Or does it make no difference to him what the spectators feel and think? If I found less good. Thus I have placed just still on it, motto:„ Here it is suffered again without end - (not to prove RF: goes even more violently, only you must play it!), however, there is a spark of hope for the time away, in which behind the fog is worked. However, can also not go out of the sparks of hope if somebody plays with water? Everything possibly. And just: which part one also takes or would like to take: is aimed there at proving: „Yes, there would not be absolutely yet played scenes which would be so full feeling, action also with the fact which would be it for an actor simply too much and, hence, does not play RF here also only, one remembers: he might become a father and pangs of conscience possibly torment him if he cannot be there fully for the child and must take up constantly only the help of other people.“ RF twice, once as one man who is with Madleine together and once the a little older RF which is just a father alone and, a strange arrangement if one gets now still the feeling: Though Madleine states, Ralph does not make no difference to her, but she feels of course only for RF, is there, possibly nevertheless, more? (besides, all men show only symbolically the medallions where every side looks different, for RF I need more than one coin) behind the facade look, I also call sometimes this if I I allow to write. To call motto also quietly so: „Is one allowed, or is one not allowed?“ Though the events shifted to the future and he will hardly read how I fancy him sometime, but: of course I watch out to write too directly. (on the German side one just advised me it what I rejected of course, even indications could go to the eye, motto: „Would like to feel me with pleasure certainly.„ Always! With the writing this may go, but just only, besides, the right life has not intended complete security just and honestly: would not be the life dull then terribly?) Mrs. Alex Kingston, also with her I dealt (and this just sometime automatically as a pure curiosity) and will look to me sometime guaranteed at films with her, however, my own emotional intelligence reaches so far that I can fancy, how much she must have suffered from the separation once, one wishes this no woman, only surely not if one himself feels.

Ex-wife of a man and further? Please me anyhow for them with - because I myself am a mother - that she is also a mother, but beside this luck a person has earned even more joy on the life and I wish this almost every person. Why almost? In some person are just so ugly feelings that they make the life in her nearness impossible to one, this itself has experienced and sometimes shares there, does not economise always, because one also in feeling things may waste. Therefore, now and again a writing break in the parts, the German side also serves me for it to develop new, perhaps other ideas. Why not creepily and commonly? I do not think of "SAW" variations there of course. Too violent special effects, besides, if it looks too real it disgusts me and must not be.

It is not about the real life of the RF in the fantastic parts also! Even the quite normal longing is indicated how it could be as it has every person: how do I bring in the best occupation and private life under a hat without neglecting one or the other?

And please follow: I understand these parts in her totality as experiments or as ideas for an idea, there it is nearly excluded to deliver a perfect screenplay...




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 18.12.2009.


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