Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (16)

                              Preliminary remark, because I got the already nice tip tried in German which I can also 
                              go by the head: “Yes, I know, the formats of the screenplay are not right, and now one
                              would also be able - because it fits - a fading in (cinematic creation means to border
                              scenes clearly of each other from) hineinnehmen, why then not. This story should also
                              get on as an idea for an idea and just no perfect screenplay (what would be hard to be
                              read?!) be.Aber if I then also other words uses as near, half-near, totally and similarly:
                              how could this come HERE? There should remain experiment one can imagine surely
                              well how the camera shows now 2 people who sit to itself towards in the conversation
                              and before there sounded the voice of the narrator, the man whom one will never see.
                              And I immobilise his voice to me now very much, almost monotonously, calm before,
                              because all that does not concern him.“
                              (in German: the badly written screenplay)

Scene                                 INSIDE - MARIANNES FLAT  - DAY                     

75                         NARRATOR
                             „Marianne had not stolen away without reason, she perceived painfully that Ralph `s 
                              looks were other than still before days recently to Madleine: more curiously, more
                              irritated, sometimes even annoyingly, furiously! Madleine irritated him apparently more
                              than them could ever act. However, Madleine could not take amiss of them, this woman
                              looked so loose and relaxed that she would also manage a dynamic actor like Ralph
                              surely well, he made his partner currently only dumbfounded and this gave her almost
                              the certainty that she would release the man if he asked them for it. Because she was
                              afraid, however, also of these words, it fled first of all, however, asked her brother RF
                              to get them from her flat.“

                                         Approach on RF and Marianne

                             „Now this comes a little bit improperly, because I still have some admissions, film 
                              concerning, so badly?“

                              Marianne smiled and showed him instead of this the letter which her Madleine could still
                              press in the hand, before Marianne said goodbye. Just that of "Sgrumie".

                                          RF `s voice off-screen
                             „To know very interesting and also reassuringly, they living. Why does she not go with it 
                              to Ralph?“

                             „I cannot go, therefore, to Ralph because he has fallen in love currently apparently with  
                              Madleine. Either I wait, until he has forgotten them, or I separate, I push there, however,
                              every decision before myself.“

                                         Wheel on the letter of Sgrumie and RF `s voice off-screen

                             „This is anyhow a very bad news, there I will have to carry on with him a serious 
                              conversation, then, besides, I can also find out immediately whether Marianne is wrong
                              or whether because what could be in it, I believe and do not hope.“

                              RF still looked fast at the clock, it asked to dress and she should hurry up. He put the
                              letter very carelessly in his jacket pocket, edged out the contents.

Scene                            INSIDE - PASSENGER AREA - MEET

76                          RF
                             „Now already say: what is this for a Sgrumie and to what one would still have to appear 
                              with her?“

                             „There Madleine asks, she will give you more information, maybe also not, she looked
                               very furious when she read the letter the first time whether is so fantastically for Ralph,
                               no notion.“

                             „What deals certainly with it?“

                             „I turned the leaves a little more intensely through the book and also if many experiences 
                              from the empire of the fairy tales and utopias are, she points out so conspicuously to 
                              him that she asked Madleine to falsify this figure to get no annoyance, so he should be 
                              bigger and blond, still speak a dialect, glasses wear. Madleine has pushed this over and 
                              over again before itself, but well that Ralph has not noticed up to now yet that this book 
                              a very much late declaration of love to him is.“

                             „Greater I hold personally for idiotic, nevertheless, superman's figures in all dimensions 
                              and magnitudes, they bore, in the meantime, then rather smaller and even more 
                              intelligently. We cannot be sure at all whether he has also not turned the leaves, in 
                              search of the tension, the excitement in the book, the love scenes are, unfortunately, a 
                              little bit too much, there makes some pressure, because there has been a dear 
                              tearjerker, that often enough. Madleine should write together with Sgrumie in the book 
                              further however in such a way that are worthwhile work then also for everybody.“

Scene                            INSIDE - FLAT of RF - MEET

 77                         NARRATOR
                             „Madleine and Ralph had not so approached as Marianne had accepted, they talked 
                              only, heard music and Madleine her astonishment hid when she noted how the man 
                              looked at them. She did not see herself as the beauty, once would have wished greater, 
                              face a little more in a womanly way. What she did not bring in outward appearances 
                              apparently, her intelligence her joke surprised. Ralph devoted himself to a piece which 
                              he had neglected and Madleine sat dreamily in the armchair, heard music when both 
                              other people arrived.“

                              RF `s voice off-screen
                             „Either they can hide very well what she connects or Marianne sees ghosts, but now I 
                              have no more time, have to go to the work, must watch Marianne alone how she gets 
                              rid of her mistrust.“

                              RF nodded Madleine and Ralph, briefly pressed the sister in itself and hastened away.

                             „Have we done something that he avoids our society, dear?“

                              Marianne tried to overlook the fact how he had changed externally, in present of 
                              Madleine it happened such a thing apparently constantly and sat down to him.

                             „Mistake, it gives now and again moments, there he must be somewhere and work, 
                              nevertheless, goes for you just.“

                              Marianne `s voice off-screen
                             „If now I do not get to speak of my supposition, I also do not create it the next years.  
                              But now I should not necessarily destroy the quiet atmosphere just, one feels securely in 
                              his nearness. Whether this now his changes put out or that what he is for a long time: a 
                              man from whom one can hard avoid Madleine could not be angry I at all, but why 
                              should  she make to him first nice eyes?“

                             „It goes for me from tomorrow again in such a way, however, accepts, one will hold me 
                              for a stranger, because thus I hardly go through as her whom I up to now was.“

                              Madleine had set down her earphones and nodded.

                             „This is sure sometimes, I will call Christopher, also nothing can surprise that, tomorrow  
                              morning he will change you by mask, but he cannot let the body grow old, I am not able 

                              The door to the adjoining room shut behind Madleine and Marianne, finally, dared to 
                              take the man in the arms who was already surprised, which is why she did not welcome 
                              him with a kiss as it was usual between them. Up to now.

                             „I have no notion, why I look younger, I also think RF now that it just went out to him 
                              like me and I must say, to me likes not thus.“

                             „But you will have nothing against the fact that I like this, I get to know just new sides in 
                              you, or?“

                              She felt herself how equivocal it listened for themselves and did not want to ask him 
                              what  had taken place between him and Madleine whether generally or what one else 

                              Ralph noted of course how she made way to his candid look and she moved more 
                              narrowly at herself.

                             „Now this is not that what I think? You would seriously subordinate to me a relation  
                              with your friend? I love you and only you.“

                              The longer he thought about it, the more annoyingly he became, on her face he 
                              recognised a blush, so he had not got so wrong. It did not flatter him any more, he rose, 
                              she pushed warily from herself.

                             „I read something else and wait, until you have calmed down again. Do not feel like now 
                              concerning me with jealousy which is completely taken from the air. Speak with 
                              Madleine if you in me doubt, however does not hurt me without reason.“

                              With it he did not follow them further, sat down in another, even more comfortable  
                              armchair to prepare himself before, or to try it. Marianne really went to Madleine which 
                              called apparently all friends and female friends.

Scene                        INSIDE - BEDROOM in RF `s FLAT - MEET

78                          Madleine
                             „You look astonished, what special?“

                                   (laboriously dominating)
                             „University of Technology now not in such a way as if you did not know what I mean. 
                              Nevertheless, you are able to wrap every man around the finger, crazily I me?“

                              Madleine put back the receiver on the fork, had broken off the conversation with it 
                              suddenly, briefly cursed.

                             „Why most close you to you a little bit together for what I have no desire, no need? RF 
                              is completely enough for me, he is everything what I wished, you had to go more 
                              carefully his with that what you throw to Ralph to the head or he anticipated your 
                              strange idea of our relation what there will not be. He is a very careful and gentle man 
                              who has not earned an insult and with which you can safely give yourself every 
                              nonsense. Now, however, to important: to the screenplay. Ralph should read it, then he 
                              himself can decide whether he wants to introduce himself there or not. Sgrumie `s wish 
                              for complete change I will not follow, are her chimeras, so she can also watch what one 
                              could make from them, I take the thing in such a way as she has written it and all 
                              responsibility on them shifts, see it as my small personal revenge for her silence.“

                             „You can make this impossibly in such a way, now with it one would hurt Ralph again,  
                              more than I it could ever make accidental. He recognises guaranteed periods of life of 
                              himself and now this must not be really.“

                             „Therefore, he will read it, then everything is changed or not, leaves full of suspense  
                              written or boringly, completely as he wants.“

                             "And Ralph very exactly perused it at the request of both women, did not escape of 
                              course him that it a sort of clumsy declaration of love to him explained."

Scene                    3 days later...

79                             INSIDE - SITTING ROOM IN RF `s FLAT - EVENING

                              Ralph `s voice off-screen
                             „As if Sgrumie to one had seen over the shoulder when I took seriously the first sides to
                              and can go senseless-wise. If she lives, it would be wrong to make to her yet
                              reproaches to have overcome cancer by the fact of the miracle healing, is a big luck. 
                              And she wrote many lines in the faith to stroll soon not more in the current world. Love 
                              there or here, I will play me fun-half itself and we will begin where it was planned once: 
                              in the imagination world behind the mirrors, before I can smash absolutely a gigantic 
                              mirror, then this might deliver a good effect with all cinematic extras which are well 
                              conceivable in the head....“

                              Madleine and Marianne had almost spied on him with interest. His serious look let them 
                              doubt, his almost indiscernible smile the heart rise and, finally, he turned to them.

                             „This I really fancy as a fun and I will put on neither a blond wig, nor glasses. Will  
                              appear in such a way as she wanted to have me: as the irritated Briton who is revered in 
                              a German imagination film small town though like a God, but not sometimes to him for 
                              the sake of one admits too much English language. Though in German as a computer 
                              language sounds mad, even if this was usual only in a town, but it is even a utopia 
                              HERE. And I will insist it on taking care a little bit more of the German. I have always 
                              despised this star bustle, here in a film I can let, so to speak, my real opinion be 
                              reminiscent, dialogues have to do there of course one more amount in.“

                              He had spoken more and more quietly, was already anyhow in the middle inside in the 
                              thought up events. Marianne nodded and did not look at Madleine any more punitive.

                             „Is it necessary then to ask Sgrumie, to take part in the screenplay? We know their 
                              opinion now.“

                             „Surprise me that you ask. Sgrumie we will visit, in addition establish please 
                              communication with her, want to experience sometimes how serious to her the film  
                              work is. Imagination well and nicely, but a little bit more tension introduces to me, one 
                              would not certainly like to fall asleep.“

                             „Sgrumie announced itself after 4 days, however, pointed out on it that the airplanes 
                              would approach the next bigger island not regularly, and from there a ferry would bring 
                              them to her.

                             (Remark: „It is clear that one may look at this island at most as "an imagination island" 
                              and  fantastically it goes on her further.)

Scene                        OUTSIDE - SGRUMIE `s ISLAND - MEET

80                          NARRATOR
                             „What the arrivals could see first: an almost exact simulation of the hotel from the film 
                             „Some Like It Hot“, before it a row of deck chairs and only one person made it to 
                              herself there comfortable: it was Sgrumie, straight away smiling to them joined.“

                             „There I am called You warmly welcome to my dream island to expect rainy days with  
                              enclosed, but no storms! You can remain so long here as You like!“

                              Sgrumie looked at RF and at Ralph amazed, they were not similar accurately, just only 
                              a low difference with the age. Marianne and Madleine did not like the examining look at 
                              the men particularly, because Sgrumie was worthy of notice absolutely.

                              Marianne `s voice off-screen
                             „She probably has every fitness programme run through what could be announced?
                              If a man stands on muscle mass and just only muscle mass, he is exactly right with her.“

                              Ralph `s voice off-screen
                             „With her I would get it even with the fear, an unusual word in connection with the lovely  

                              He forced himself to a surprised look and then turned very fast again Marianne who 
                              looked tired anyhow than, otherwise.

                             „I would need you sometimes urgently, Madleine. If you permit, I would have to visit  
                              sometimes the bath.“

                              Marianne and Madleine followed Sgrumie in the building, while the men the time were 
                              of use to represent the legs on the beach to themselves.


81                             INSIDE - Sgrumie `s hotel, bath - day

                              Sgrumie left alone both women, Madleine looked at Marianne questioningly.

                             „What is so urgent now?“

                             „Yesterday has made in the evening one more test whether I am pregnant, I have the 
                              positive result since yesterday constantly with myself and have no notion as now 

                              Madleine looked to her that Marianne was anything but happy and she took warily in 
                              the arms.

                                   (is surprised)
                             „What is your problem? Now does not tell me only that you have never spoken of  
                              children, as long as like you are now together.“

                             „One is speak, the other is about everything talk, we did not plan first at all to be longer 
                              together because he has on me an at the same time fascinating one as well as a kind in 
                              himself which starts to give me fear.“

                             „Nevertheless, this is a nonsense, cannot introduce to me how he should do this. He 
                              seems mad after you, however, you do not notice it, go to him and confesses it. You 
                              will see, he is glad like a child about your common luck.“

                             „I cannot just do this yet, he has just, besides drop that work shows the most important 
                              for him - beside me-. Family planning did not seem to come there before, please go and 
                              it says him, think up what you want, why I was not able to do it yet.“

                              Shaking the head Madleine went outward to search Ralph who sat beside RF in the 
                              water, trousers rolled up, they seemed very much relaxed.

Scene                        OUTSIDE - BEACH - MEET

82                          Madleine shut first to RF, kissed him passionately, then whispered something to him on 
                              which he nodded and went to Marianne. Surprised Ralph looked up, as a Madleine sat 
                              down to him.

                             „Already a little bit strangely if women have problems, nicely which is at least already 
                              initiated RF. When am I in it?“

                             „It is about it, yes, she has doubt to say it you immediately.“

                             „Span me please on the torture, them will not be hopefully ill not. Why does she send, 
                              actually, you instead of coming independently? If I look as unapproachable as.“

                              Madleine spontaneously seized his slender hand what it seldom did, did not look at him.

                              Madleine `s voice off-screen
                             „Unapproachable is not whole the right word, rather uncertainly. Astonishingly that he  
                              has after all years still moments at which he is this.“

                                   (a little bit irritated)
                             „If you allowed to talk out me, I could come to the point. RF looks something around 
                              them because it has the stupid feeling fear in herself, in her state not necessarily suitably.“

                                   (weighing up)
                             „Know only few states where this would matter anyhow. Could it be, that they.?“

                              Madleine nodded.

                             „If I have luck that you have got on alone, yes, she gets a child of you, because she does 
                              not have an affair, it is sure, yes, that it is of you.“

                             „His strange reaction was not necessarily that what had expected Madleine, he just 
                              surprised over and over again: for a moment he became very pale. Then he reached for 
                              her hand, it kissed very much almost carefully, then considered and she moved in his  
                              arms. He probably got how she inhaled a little bit excitedly the smell of his skin a 
                              moment. Because he had found no time on this day to choose any perfume variation to 
                              himself after the bath, it could be well and with pleasure that she had just only sweat 
                              smell in the nose. This became conscious by him only when she kissed softly the skin 
                              near of his ear and whispered, he should not crush them. When he looked at them 
                              afterwards, he recognised that she had become red, too red for his concepts.“

                             „Forgive me for my emotional outburst, it must have been disagreeable to you that I 
                              have forgotten myself, ordinarily... What I talk, but the bearer of happy messages can 
                              make himself calm on it that I divide my joy with him and I feel not only 20 years 
                              younger, I want to her.“

                              Madleine shook the head, detained him.

                             „It is this, yes, she probably had fear as you could react to it. Do you know then 
                              whether wants she this child? You go out from yourself, does she feel like you? If she is 
                              deprived a little in the care of her brother, he is able to do to her the fear which she has 
                              incomprehensible-wise, before you.“

                              She said the last very quietly, but he had heard it of course. Thus he sat down helplessly 
                              beside them, enclosed with the arms his legs which he had bent. Thus she had to 
                              compare opportunity both men once again: Ralph was a little more slender than RF, she 
                              did not know whether she should count herself happier or Marianne, because the being 
                              of Ralph was so much more careful, he also seemed to have become more unsafe more 
                              timidly. Almost she felt compassion with him when she saw him rather helpless. 
                              Hesitantly she laid her arm around his shoulder. When he looked at them, she did not 
                              find immediately the right expression, thus it was surprised to see him deeply unhappy. 
                              She could just still hold back. RF would have taken them in the arms and tries to 
                              comfort him, with Ralph it refused to tolerate, why, actually...

                             „Do not make to you please so many thoughts, Sgrumie seems to me quite reasonable 
                              and if something is, one is able still to the mainland over here.“

                             „You can say me what is loose with her? Have I done to her something that she must be 
                              afraid of me? I have already forgotten their almost flattering jealousy at the moment 
                              where she had pronounced the last sentence.“

                              Madleine felt that just completely did not correspond to the truth. Marianne was afraid 
                              not only to lose him, Madleine had the sure feeling that she just did not want the child at 
                              all, however, this did not say of course.

                             „I am sure that she has soon calmed down again and you will deliver a great father, in 
                              any case, I anticipate. You are so careful that it delivers quite a strange picture. Do you 
                              fear then in advance, you could hurt her with Something what you say or act?“

                             „I have lost already once a partner because I have not looked enough after them, should 
                              not seem again.“

                             „Nevertheless, there we have it: you act too much, however, remembers: also she  
                              should look enough after your worries, women want to be served seldom from the front 
                              to behind, I would tell RF nicely what if he played the butler.“

                              Ralph looked up and observed RF and his sister as they came up to them, Marianne 
                              smiled very cautiously, rather shy. RF quickly nodded to Madleine over and pushed 
                              over Marianne on Ralph.

                             „You would have it to me vouch have to go, it becomes everything, is, finally, no illness. 
                              Forgive if I during the last days anyhow inattentively to you was.“

                             „There is nothing to forgive, I thought only, that you.....“

                              She rather swallowed the rest, just still remembered on time almost forgotten moments. 
                              The looks which she had observed which Ralph had sent to other parents behind 
                              possibly spoke more clearly than she could anticipate.


                              She shook the head, embraced him exceedingly affectionately....

                             „With it everything could have been said, but the problem appeared when Marianne had 
                              got the child after 9 months, she became depressive, disappeared of a very early 
                              morning. Ralph left in dismay the child of a nurse which one had got on Madleine `s 
                              request there from the mainland there, as Madleine felt a little bit demanded too much 
                              with a baby. Ralph, Madleine and RF even Sgrumie searched only the closer 
                              surroundings of the hotel, then they came to a small grove with lake.

  Scene                      OUTSIDE - LAKE in the WOOD - MEET

   83                       NARRATOR
                             „The lake glittered during the morning hours exceedingly enticing and with other 
                              opportunity if they all could have taken a bath, but Marianne did not swim in the lake. 
                              Their head in the water, the rest on the forest ground. Remotely lay there not far an 
                              empty bottle...“

                              Sgrumie collected itself first a heart, stepped quickly closer and asked RF to look after 
                              Ralph who wanted to get Marianne from the water.

                                   (too quietly)
                             „I have security forces in my house, former policemen, they will take in hand everything. 
                              We do not know what has happened, let me make this and decreases in the hotel. 

                              RF packed Ralph crudely in both shoulders.

                             „Now you will pull yourself together, excuses if I must become coarse. You cannot help 
                              Marianne any more and how you look now, you will not be able to substitute for the 
                              nurse first of all yet.“

                              Madleine shook annoyingly the head

                             „Did not know at all that you can react thus calmly to the fact that we have here a dead 
                              person whom still your sister is, are you so cold or do you act only thus?!“

                              She quickly stepped to Ralph, wanted to say him what, an ice-cold look met her.

                             „What could anticipate nobody: Ralph had concerned must note how Marianne of her 
                              mother's role had not grown at all, her mental illness had so expressed itself for him that  
                              she had strongly started drinking over and over again either to him or someone else the 
                              child had handed and her drunkenness had slept off. He could not have described his 
                              feelings. Had she got this what she wished? Rest? She had him and what weighed even 
                              heavier for him, the common child let down and he swayed between hatred, disdain, 
                              grief. To him it was cold, although this could not be, because here it was almost always 

                             „Maybe I had to go a little alone....“

                              Madleine shook him gently. Deeply in her inside surged something to the surface. 
                              Sympathy, compassion.

                             „RF means it only partly in such a way. It would not feel well if you want to be now 
                              alone for yourself. If it does not go well to you, we can help, you brood certainly too 
                              much around and this never is an advantage.“

                             „Why we could not help her, this can be, that I....“

                              Sgrumie which had called up joined to Madleine, exchanged an expressive look with 
                              her and moved up to Ralph.

                             „If you need something from the chemist's shop, you will get it, but, when.....“

                              Sgrumie admitted itself that it was shocked of course very much, but the behaviour of 
                              the man irritated them. He mourned in manner unnatural for them.

                             „Ralph could handle first only in a kind with the fact that he had lost a person close to 
                              him again: he edged out, only one wished: any job which filled him him deflected, gave 
                              him the consciousness to be useful again for something. The common child? Of course 
                              he would look after the child be a father and mother to him at the same time, but only 
                              after he had come again something to himself.“


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 24.11.2009.


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