Rolph David

Hooray For Good Old STANDARD Time!

Within the realm of shifting nights and days,
Resides time's curse in intricate displays.
Summertime burdens, a weight we must bear,
A shift so senseless, a woeful affair.

Chronobiologists, voices wise and clear,
Speak against this change that we don't fear.
An unnecessary crop, this time's embrace,
Causing suffering, disrupting life's pace.

The EU, hesitant to heed the call,
Leaves livestock and humans in a thrall.
Milked cows, in disarray they toil,
Human minds, in sleep and focus, coil.

With each clock's turn, accidents arise,
Disrupting life, chaos in disguise.
Lamenting daylight saving's toll,
A tradition needless, a squandered roll.

The call for normal time, a simple plea,
An end to this annual jamboree.
Yet nations debate, their reasons thin,
For time, a patchwork—such a flimsy din.

Wristwatches, an artifact of yore's reign,
Smartphones rule, an automated chain.
The argument against, a feeble strain,
In a world where time's held in a digital domain.

Let's bid adieu to this senseless phase,
Embrace the normal, end this maze.
The end of stupid, annoying summertime's clout,
For sanity's sake, let normal time sprout.

No more the dance of the clock's display,
Let time flow steady, in a constant way.
Let's cast away this archaic scheme,
And embrace a world of time serene.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 29.10.2023.


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