Harry Schloßmacher

Modern fairy tale of the good and the bad women

(Without men, bad-stupid-fighting emancipations were only weak, incapable, helpless + doomed ...)

For a long time, the many good women lived reasonably happily with the men together. But one day emancipations appeared - and peace between the sexes was over. But not quite; because there were mostly good emancipations and fewer bad-stupid fighting emancipations. Men could still reason with the former, and they continued to cooperate with men. The latter, however, were hostile to men + wanted to drive a large wedge between the two sexes. They were power obsessed, evil + goofy... no longer recognizing the vital accomplishments of the stronger sex. Worse still, they constantly portrayed men as a stupid, idiotic, even superfluous sex that only had to be fought. The arrogance and ingratitude of the bad-stupid-fighting-emances then culminated in sayings like: "The future is only stupid or female!"

But this was even the extremely powerful sex comrade, the "fair fairy" too colorful. "Well," she said, "if you really want it to be like that, then it should be like that! Then it will be seen whether you will actually get by without the diverse + mostly exclusive services of the men and also without their great help or not." And in no time at all all good women + the good emancipates as well as all men were gone. The just fairy beamed them to the parallel Earth 2, where everything else was identical to the home Earth 1. Only the evil emancipations were missing there.They were - completely on their own -remained on Earth 1. Now we could and they had to show that they were not just mouth monkeys, but had mastered the achievements of modern technology worldwide just like the outcast men.

For orientation again the size ratios:
- The clear majority were the good women
- There were significantly fewer it the good emancipations
- And only a minority were the bad-stupid fighting emancipations
------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

... And the just fairy came up with another gag: There were numerous public viewing opportunities or -Screens (internal and external). There, activities on the respective other earth were targeted using a random generator. The Fair Fairy didn't take a joke: Anyone who willfully disturbed or even destroyed the public viewing was severely punished! In this way, both sides or civilizations had ample opportunity to constantly learn the state of affairs in the competition.

Man had already seen it coming:
The development on Earth-1, the planet of the bad-stupid-fighting-emances, was similar to the TV series ratings racer "So many years after the end of mankind". Just a few years after the men left, things were only going downhill. Only very, very few railways/trains, airplanes and ships could be operated or controlled by these emancipates. Thousands of means of transport are already rotting away anyway. And when the few used ones had to be repaired, the mouse was out of the question here too. The "ladies" on Earth-1 had no idea about the construction and maintenance of those important vehicles! Already 10 years after the men left, no more trains, planes and ships moved! Only cars could still be laboriously maintained for a while until they were completely locked. And then nothing happened here either...

The same was also true for all the real estate in that world. Countless apartments, houses, blocks of flats, offices, companies, skyscrapers (and the like) were no longer inhabited anyway. The vast majority of humans had been beamed down to Earth-2 by the fairy. So buildings stood empty and naturally decayed. And the inhabited ones could be laboriously maintained for a while until they were uninhabitable at some point.

In addition, the bad-dumb-fighting emancipations were dying out. They could no longer reproduce with the oh so unloved men and they lacked the necessary know-how for successful cloning.
Life became unbearable, really uncomfortable for more and more evil combat emancipations. They now had to do all the dangerous, dirty, risky and responsible "work shit" - could no longer be passed on to the masculine. So many threw in the towel, wanting to go back to the old, much more comfortable life. Motto: Better today than tomorrow back to the previously reviled men!

Different on the Earth-2:
Thanks to man-Power, none of these problems were known here. And because the bad-dumb fight emancipations no longer bothered here, it became more pleasant for both sexes again. Through public viewing everywhere, they witnessed the decline and the many bankruptcies on Earth-1 at close quarters. But they didn't dream of preventing the demise of the bad-dumb-fighting-emances by beaming them all back to Earth-1.
And so at some point the malicious emancipations no longer existed + no one shed a tear for them. . .

 All's well that ends well !


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Harry Schloßmacher.
Published on e-Stories.org on 17.05.2023.


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