Harry Schloßmacher

The 9 amazing PLUS and MINUS facets of the world god



Our creator is

1) An excellent magician before the Lord! ! ;-) ,
who not only conjured himself up out of nothing, but also his extremely complex + complicated "energy and matter particle zoo", the basics for the later incredibly large, extremely complicated + limitless action-packed universe

2) Super genius natural scientist !
Expert in physics, chemistry, geology, meteorology, etc., etc. And this without having studied! ;-)

3) Really Action-God as well
An almost unmanageable universe with around 200 billion galaxies (current estimate)! ! As you can see from this incredibly large number, the intention of the action god is by no means the one-off production, as was long believed by the technology-less population of the earth. Rather, it is the variety of cosmic phenomena and events --- the sensational and dancing at countless space weddings that can inspire an action god.

Apparently the creator is also a kind of "starter" who "only" initiated the whole thing and then lets a blind but effective evolutionary automatism run its course. But he is also:

5) The extremely emotionally cold one

He obviously doesn't give a damn about a lot of pain, suffering + misery of his countless creatures. Hardly any trace of the kind, merciful + helping creator.



6) The super megalomaniac
An almost unmanageable universe with around 200,000,000,000 (200 billion) galaxies (current estimate)! times an average of 100,000,000,000 billion would be around 20,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (20 trillion) suns! ! or quadrillions (??. units, if planets + moons are added! ! ! So if that isn't divine clinical megalomania, then what is? ? ? The symptoms are now obvious.

And then the question:
What does the creator actually want with a universe that he cannot survey, control, edit or selectively achieve/change in the slightest? ? This universe is largely out of HIS control, "only" its evolution works and causes...

7) A glorious narcissist
A narcissistic action god would also like to be hoped for! With the corresponding cosmos awareness of the inhabitants of technical civilizations, their enthusiastic exclamation resounds: "My God, ;-) who has created something so inconceivably great? ! And our creator is extremely happy ...

8) A successful riddle uncle
An army Scientists have not yet answered the immense number of questions in the micro- and macrocosm -- although he himself is probably the greatest mystery

9) The great hider
Nobody knows what he looks like ... nobody has ever seen him ... where may he hide? ? There are plenty of opportunities to do so in the inconceivably large universe. Perhaps it is also so gigantic because you really don't see him. Zero chance. Motto: "Look for me - catch me, you far too slow astronauts! "




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Published on e-Stories.org on 14.05.2023.


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