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Please refer to WHO and medical research institutes!

This is NO shortstory and not part of my life.
it regards the hypothesis that Covid is not a virus but the possibility that it is a parasite. I dont knoe where exactly I mentioned this.

If this is true and we deal with a parasite, thrn it attack all organs in different forms but after all thr same origin.

-the lungs
-the intestine 
(the versions we got to know in 2019 and 2020 working similar to biofilm related bacteria groups )
- the skin (monkey pox- we need reaearch whether it is related to covid)
- the brain and nervous system PATHWAYS (similar to borreliose)
-lymphatic system

IN the case of the nervous system it could mean that the parasites in nano size would be able to take over our entire nervous and therefor muscle system but practically everything in our neuronal system stimulating reactions etc..

the vaccine eventually has only the effect that covid hides for a few months while evolving and then breaking out again in different forms less visible but still with impact.

I mentioned in thr hypothesis somewhere its 

For those who do research on covid need to check on following aspects:
- biofilm-
Electrone microscope to get beyond the nano structure

And regards treatments check with the effect of pesticides within the lab situation.
if this has effect we need a development of a strong natural pesticide that is edible and not harm our system..

It needs to destroy the biofilm.structure to inhibit the communication netween the nano individuals of cpcid but at the same time wirhout destroying the positive gut and darmflora whichbis fighting it.

Remember the 2.5 metre distance that was recommended as it tuened out to help? It eould prevent the parasite to jump over. If it had been a virus that floats theough the air the 2.5 metre would nor have peptected us. But 2.5 metres is a long way to jump for a nano sized individual.

-highly contageous in this case would be the saliva, the poo, lymphatic liquids, eye liquid entering directly through the eye movements behind the bone of our skull.

Remember that in italy they BURNED all thr victims of thr first intense wave? 
and that they at some point did not even try to treat or enter into the isolation areas ? I think that they realized that it is not a virus. 
if it is a parasite indeed the bosies od infected persons when they die from it must be burned before burial .otherwise the parasitr continues to live.

- if it is a parasite and not a virus and this hypothesis is true..whatvwould happen if a corpse would be infected with it? What happens after wo years to it? This wpuld be a worst case horrorscenario and i only can hope that a zombie existence is out of any discussion..but seen some rare incidents theoughout the decades in specific places that never were able to be explained.. Were those humanlooking people contaminated with paradites?
-what KIND of military laboratory in Wuhan was it exactly where there are suspects of that the illness escaped from? 

- if it is a parasite it does camouflage and therefor it looks different than what it is or coupd even behave like a chameleon mimicking other things to not be detected for what it is
- it never became such aggressive as in 2019 2020 because it would not have survived. 
did it really become moderate due to the vacvines? Or did it bevome moderate because otherwise it eould not have survived?
-and was it maybe not testable anymore when someone was infected because itnwas capable to shift its entire structure and shape?

Please forward it to health this to the world health organisation and those who work on fighting thr pandemic...

I have thr knowledge but not the possibility to verify whther the hypothesis is true or not.
But it MUST be checked on by people who can because id thisnis true and it is not detected it was just the beginning.


What as well could help are "probiotics and prebiotics" in
huge amount for the intestine version.
Probiotics and good bacteria EAT and attack and as well
In the research as well thr lymphatic fluids should be
checkes on a higher amount of the body intern postive
helpers that attack and destroy parasites and

In the cases where the vaccine did help indeed..check
whether the dna modification keeps simply the
parasites (in case this is true) on distance..

And there where the vaccine did not make any
difference whether that sort of vaccine rather did
And as well what effects the several boosters have.

It is on the NANO level. Thats why id it is true they were
not able to identify a bacteria or parwsitr.because they
did nor use electrone microscopes that can detect on
size smaller than the neuron level.

(To my own medical and resewrch study background:

I have been following medical courses eversince 1998
when I joined the red cross organisation.
In 1999 an acquaintance of someone in the red cross
borrowed me my first medical textbook on
Psychoneuroimmunology (it regards the connection
betwren immunology the neuronic brain system and
inuded reseqrch as well about the shufflebrain experime
ts that had been done with snails).

My major subjects in highschool for graduation were
biochemie and biology.
My first longterm relationship from.2001 to 2007 i had
with a researcher who worked during his PHD in the
microbiology on the research of biofilms and the
bacteria pseudomonas aeruginosa under Prof.
Dr..Fleming at the university Duisburg-Essen,Germany.
I had got to know my first long term relationship during
the practical experience of highschool that Ibwanted to
do in the field of research since my original studyplans
had always been natural science.
During that stage i got to knownmybfirst longterm
The only reason i did not study natural science was my
failure in mathmatics and statistics in highschool.
(Staedtisches Gymnasium Broich Muelheim an der Ruhr,
Germany Bilingualzweig English from.1995-2004)

My best friend during highschool and studyyears did her
Phd at rhe Heidelberg institute of cancer tesewech on
genetical scale. Before our friendship became destroyed
we telephoned daily and updated us about what was
going on in our lifes and as well in what interested us. I
did coread her phd and master thesis.

From.2005-2008 I studied Neurolinguistics and
speechtherapy whixh contained everything that you fimd
between breathing organs and neurology and nerves.
From.2010 to 2011 I followed the fulltime courses of the
arcana heilpraktiker schule of hamburg with 5hours
lecture per day very profound and the teachers and
professors both university background AND integrative
From 2009 to 2016 intense shiatsu medical training that
involves training and knowledge of the entire body
system on physiological anatomical emotional mental
and energy biomagnetic field scale on electrone level of
our system.
In 2014 I implemented a contract employment for
therapists (not freelancer) in the nursing home Pro
Seniore Hamburg , this job still exists and they wrote me
last year a reference letter in which they did recomment
the implementation of such therapuetical workplacea
and that it pays back on expenses in sick times of the
employees and the wellbeing of the elderly persons.

Among my shiatsu teachings was a 6week intense
advanced training on trauma processing that involves as
well energy scans and time scans.this was in 2012 with
newenergywork with clifford andrews and paul

I eversince applied it succesfully and have been able to
heal people.from.burnout, ptsd, traumatic events,
impactd of abuse (means that i alrewdy digested and
elaborated entirely all impacts of abuse that was done to
me), sudden loss of beloved ones and accompanying
grieving processes.

One of my best teachers was Tzvikar Calisarwirh Seiki
shiatsu and Juergen Westhoff with inner techniques of


For all cancer and tumour researchers:
Try a sulphur cure instead of radiation.
You can test with Epson salt that are a mixture of magnesium and sulfur. The magnesium works as a bait, the sulphur is lethal.
Certain cancer tumours are not just mutated cells.
And on those tumours the radiation makes it worse!
The metastases are not cells that did spread but they are eggs! And the cells are not empty cells but animalic lifeforms.

Try on those kind of cancers a sulphur-trratment in the form of Epson salt!!

Full copyright and research result right goes on me! If it works and a specialized medicine is developed the patent is MINE this time.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 08.11.2022.


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