Robert Zabek

W he n L una cy T rigg ers R ag e

"There is no universal agreement on the definition of terrorism.
Various legal systems and government agencies use different definitions.
Moreover, governments have been reluctant to formulate an agreed upon
and legally binding definition. These difficulties arise from the fact
that the term is politically and emotionally charged."

still, at the linguistic core:

The term "terrorism" comes from French terrorisme, from Latin: terror,
"great fear", "dread", related to the Latin verb terrere, "to frighten".


another explanation would be:

"a person, especially a child, that causes trouble or annoyance.
a rascal, a bully, a troublemaker"

and, maybe most precisely & most importantly:

"the main intention of terror is not to occupy space with military force.
instead, terror rather seeks to invade the mind, the thinking, and therefore
terrorism is primarily a "communication strategy".
(source: Wikipedia)

here we go:

once upon a time,
sometime in the 21st century, in a country where there´s no kangaroos,
an artist was riding his bike and hit by a car.
a 300 PS mercedes benz. the driver being a lawyer for bankcruptcy law.
the artist had severe pain for almost half a year and still, on some days,
after certain movements, his knee hurts, and when it happens
it even might last a couple of days.
the artist was not insured when the accident happened,
so, sueing the driver was not an option for him.
one reason here obviously being having just enough money
to make a living, talking about rent and food.
but furthermore, this artists nature´s neither greedy nor evil.
he wants to make the world a better place. at least a tiny bit, if he can.
the artist would rather forgive than sue.
but as this lawyer, didn´t even apologize after having hit him,
and even more than that left a very strange impression
and a more than just bitter taste that made the artist feel like this lawyer
was no mahatma ghandi or martin luther king kind of lawyer... of the first things the artist did, after the accident, was call a hotline.
the police had given him this telephone number.
it was a hotline for accident related victims, and the woman there told the artist
not to worry. she was convinced nothing evil would happen.
she wished him well and told him to take care of his injuries himself, and the other person,
the lawyer, will have to deal with her issues on her own also.

so everybody can go on with their lives and the court would he happy too.

some time after the accident had happened, the artists phone rang.
he had missed the call, didnt know the number and googeled it.
a law firm. on their website, a photo of the driver. firm...sounded like trouble.
the artist then dialed the number.

they talked and then the madness revealed itself.

step by step

the lawyer said she had noticed a small scratch on her cars door. but she said she wasn´t even sure if it was
a scratch, could be, but looks totally negligible. also the hood
of the outside mirror had fallen off, but again, nothing serious.
but....the next day, the day after the accident she noticed a serious
dent somewhere in the front of her car, many, many inches looooong and deeeeeep.
she said she´s a lawyer.
she said she deals with situations like this all the time and she said she knew
that things like that get very expensive very easily.
1000, 2000, 3000 dollars...maybe just 500. she said they´d have to wait and see.

the artist was like...aha, you immediately do notice little scratches and stuff
which you dont even realize as such as they´re so tiny, but a really
huge serious dent in the hood, about the size of something twice as big as rocco siffredis cock, you find out about the day after
as you couldnt see it right away?!

and how come a lawyer for bankruptcy law deals with car accidents regularly?

does this lawyer hit other people with her car on purpose all the time to make some extra cash or what?!?!

this lawyer´s trouble...but okay..let her talk.

she asked the artist about his financial situation and whether he could pay her right now.

the artist was like: "why the hell does this woman believe that she is the one
who might get any money? what about me? what about the fucking damage she did to my body?
and to my soul."

the artist told the lawyer that he doesn´t have any money. true.
the lawyer then said she´s not keen on going to court, to file a case against him, where,
even if she won, she´d end up not getting any money...for the time being.

for the time being....the artist was like: is this feminist serious?


this chick seriously considered, right away, well...for sure, already before she had called the poor guy,
how she could ruin him, the artist, with such a thing.
of course she had phrased her statement in a "very" clever way.
i mean, how do you judge someone who said something like
"my intention is not to hurt you" ?

exactly, you wait and see until you have enough proof that this persons actions
show that her real intentions are the opposite of what she formerly said.

the artist responded: without a judge, the right judge, and without court, shit will happen. nothing, absolutely nothing!
forget it, lady.
you will not get anything, i won´t either,
and besides: i am sure that i am the one here who will get money in case we go to court.

but money was not the artists primary interest here (or anywhere really).
his main intention here was (and still is) to get healthy and well soon.

what´s money when you´re suffering from pain until the rest of your days?

the pain every day drove him nuts and his quality of life was shrinking towards zero.
but this lawyer made it even worse.

the artist told her that he was told by the police that he now could and should apply for compensation for immaterial damage
and so he did. stupid and humble as he was he told the lawyers insurance company that he does not want more than he deserves, but
not less either...he asked for less than 2k ...and he said he hoped this sum was appropriate..

they declined.

couple days later the artist got a letter from this lawyer and her lawfirm.

they threatened him and said they´d file a case him in court if he doesn´t pay 4000 u.s.d immediately.

there was a list, an estimate of costs, from some car repair shop,
and when the artist read it, he was like:

this by no means makes any real sense considering what the lawyer said on the phone when
she described the damages her car had experienced.

how do you call such a person? a liar? a thieve? something else?

the artist stroke back. all in all, over the course of weeks and months, this creature terrorized the artist severely,
ruined his summer, projected her delusional thinking onto him and his life, which was relatively perfectly fine until
he met this lawyer, and this lawyer also tried to pull him down on her inferior level that it made the artist feel seriously bad, really to an unhealthy point.

it´s all documented and obvious and the artist´s convinced that no real sane person would ever communicate and/or act in the way that this lawyer did.
(and if you think about the fact, that these communication strategies can be learned,
and are being taught, at universities, probably, it becomes even more wicked.)

the artist didnt have a job, it was summer, and he just tried to find a place, after the accident, some place away from the city, away from all the traffic,
to just seek solitude, and hopefully get well soon.
waking up every day with serious pain, feeling it all the time and going to bed with pain is not funny.
not funny at all. and then also being confronted with this lawyers mind...geez.
this lawyers behaviour. i mean, she constantly threatened the artist by confronting him with deadlines, which made the artist feel sick.
sick in the head, in the stomache, everywhere. "what a psychopath", the artist thought to himself. no morals, no empathy, no nothing. a poor individual who
turned out to be a true test for the artists stamina, talking about his humbleness and such.

think about it. we live in a day and age where young kids, and adults also, quite regularly kill themselves after having been mobbed via facebook or whatever.
mobbing like that, leading to suicide, can be the result of just one, i repeat: one, terrifying, evil message being sent to the victim.
now some might say... 1 message can not be called mobbing. what about 1 message a day, over the course of 1 month?
sounds like mobbing to me....but still...a message saying something like "you suck you fat little pig" is a limited thing, timewise.
the victims reaction might probably last longer but the threat itself is "just" one thing, happening in a moment, and it is
limited, timewise.

but a DEADLINE...saying something like: "pay me until march 29th or..." and saying it in february, is worse than some single tweets.
why? because its like a timebomb. the threat is constant! every moment from the moment the threat is being articulated to the end of its countdown
is harm, serious harm. and it gets worse from moment to moment. its like sending someone harmful message every moment and that is severe mobbing.
and the lawyer set up many deadlines and confronted the artist with them over the the course of months.
the artist usually does not hate or, you know...get into evil terrority thoughtwise, but this tremendously mentally exhausting experience
provoked him and the artist is still in it to a somewhat worrying degree. but the artist will stop it, as this sick shit is not his cup of tea.

he´s not one of those degenerated people, and he will never be one of them. luckily.

you gotta realize, the artist could be dead now. dead. had he not been "lucky" as they said at the hospital. almost funny way to put it.

and he probably would be dead by now, or a cripple, had he not moved his bike to the left and slightly backed it off right before the lawyers car had hit him.

at one point the lawyer even wrote the artist a request to call her at the law firm where she worked,
and ask for a date, ask-for-a-date...the artist, the victim (!!!)... so she could make him another offer there, as the artist had declined all other "offers" before.

the second last thing the lawyer did was try to force the artist into signing a weaver declaration which was constructed in a way

- only the lawyer would have financially benefited from this accident (insurance company paying him for dropping the case,
  as a case in court would be really, really expensive, which is something they obviously wanted to avoid)
- the artist would have lost all of his rights to sue the lawyer whenever, wherever and whyever and gotten no money at all
- and...afterwards, after the lawyer having had received the cash, his insurance company could have still contacted the artist, to get the money
  they paid the lawyer, back from the artist. (!!!!!!!)

the lawyer came up with this idea, weeks after the artist had recommended to let the entire matter rest (and forget about it).
LET THE MATTER REST....this means: end of story, nothing will be done from now on.

the lawyer had rhetorically perverted this recommendation by trying to convince the artist, and thats what the lawyer did,
that for doing such a thing, "letting the matter rest" it´s essential(!!!) to sign a weaver declaration.

and the lawyer set one up, with the conditions described above.

i don´t know how you call such behaviour and action, to me it is being best described as
deceitfulness and/or serious fraud.


can you believe it?

now the evidence was speaking for itself.
not only was this lawyer not too careful in traffic
but she didn´t seem to know how to stop her disgusting behaviour,
which does not appear to be too legal, either.

no fucking stop signs in the weird mind of this "clever" individual.

the artist said he will not sign anything and he will not deal with the lawyer any longer, except in court.

a month later or so the artist got a collection letter from law.

(a month later!!! not because the lawyer´s that busy, but to expand the terror, it seemed,
it´s been almost half a year already)

the painter by now suffered from fears, neurosis and serious sleeping disorders. 

crazy stuff. anybody, you also, can go to law, and say: "hey my neighbor owes me 20k"...the court does not check if it´s true,
but they set up a letter and send it to that neighbor and if he/she doesn´t lodge an appeal within a certain
amount of time
this debt becomes official, even if the person doesn´t owe you shit. and you then have the right
to run after this persons money for 30 years plus.

again, pretty sure and obvious thats what the lawyer meant when she said: "for the time being...".

so the artist lodged an appeal.

as far as he knows, a meeting will follow. the lawyer and his law firm, a judge, and him, the artist.

and there will be no deal!

there will be either a case or there will be no case.

the artist will not negotiate with these people.

and if there will be a case, it will grow. grow real huge and last for a very long time.

the artist does not care. the lawyer already destroyed almost 6 months of the artists life, physically and mentally,
due to her behaviour, and the artist will not accept this any longer.

she´s chemical inbalance that needs to be put back in a healthy place.

there will be tv stations, newspapers, blogs, social media, the entire palette.
and yes, some of the huge ones are already interested.

this lawyers terrorizing behaviour will be brought to light, and hopefully to justice also.

this "individual", by the the definition mentioned above, practised terror.
PsychoTERROR (look up the descriptions at the beginning of this sad story, and tell me it doesn´t fit),
to benefit economically and to harm another person on purpose! harm the artist.
it´s a fact.
they will probably of course defend themselves saying:

- nothing abnormal in what the lawyer did, everday practice (!)
- the other guy, the artist, mentally instable, maybe just too sensitive
- they couldn´t foresee his reaction (bullshit of course, as these people did google him right away and it´s
  obvious the artists sensitivity is not average, if you have half a braincell on active duty)
  and even if they could have not predicted it:

you don´t punch people on the streets in the face, multiple times, just to see how they react... do you?

would that be something you considered sane and normal?

(would you say its okay having a rapist rape a person and then seeing the rapist
go to court to demand big money, as he, in his mind, gave some good sex and orgasm to his victim,
saying: "what do you want? sex is healthy."
also saying, "it was obvious the victim actually wanted sex, and she kinda bumped into me, wasn´t me...",
and furthermore, after having raped the victim the rapist realized his penis hurts
and he then says its the victims fault and he wants money for that also?
although it was him who gave HIV to his victim. but thats not the point.
he now says he wants some extra cash also as his victim gave him herpes.
and yes, this analogy is exaggerated if you focus on physical rape.
but it is totally appropriate once you realize we´re talking about
mental rape and torture here, which exits, and which is the case here.)

- maybe suicidal, accident on purpose?
- etc.

more lies. time will show how dirty things will get.

but all attempts to justify this lawyers behaviour are doomed to fail
in the light of truth, not only because of the fact that the greedy nature
of her bullying is obvious and not en par with the globally practised definiton of morals people
agree on when interacting with each other.

what happened there´s the complete opposite of harmony and correct morals/ethics.

and even if the world is facing many scenarios on a regular basis, way beyond tremendously sad,
and way worse than this right here,
this horror could have been avoided, but the lawyer chose to not avoid it.


because she seems to be stuck in a mindframe where love and humbleness do not seem to play a major role.
and she appears to be greedy.

this is pretty much all about her ego.

and she probably thought she´s above the law.

but she is not.

acting like a member of some parallel society,
and spreading fear and anger by using completely unacceptable, inappropriate language and content should never happen anywhere.

and i have to say it again: if this is not terror, what is?

and she did all of it on purpose and hoped to get away with it.

but she didn´t and she won´t. unless the judge of the supreme court is...well you know.

but if the artist can do his part to save another stranger from the terror of this bakkushans mindgames that would be a good thing.
and he will go for it.

truth needs to be told if we want peace to reign.

why? because this is not the way the world should work.
this is not how people are supposed to talk to each other.
this is not how mankind will survive.

and yes.
she was way too fast and not too cautious.
otherwise this would have never happened.

Quote CNN World:

"the centers for disease control and prevention provided CNN
with the latest available data on suicide deaths by profession.
lawyers ranked fourth when the proportion of suicides
in that profession is compared to suicides in all other occupations
in the study population (adjusted for age).

they come right behind:

lawyers are also prone to depression, which the american psychologogy
association among others identified as the most likely trigger
for suicide.
lawyers are 3.6 times more likely to suffer from depression
than non lawyers. and it´s mostly middle-aged men."

Eva looks like a succesful human being once you look at her photo at the law firms website. Dressed sharp and ready to go. Her long hair and her goddesslike legs almost made the artist fall in love with her On the other hand, her whatsapp profile pic looked like this:

- a cartoon
- adam and eva in paradise
- eva stands there, naked with a green leaf hiding her vagina
- in front of her: adam, sitting on the ground with a bowl full of leaves, eating those leaves
- eva's speech bubble saying: 

"This is no salad Adam - these are my dirty pants."

and then the court scenario started. it was summer 2010 and the entire case lasted until february 2017.
both ended up completely broke afterwards and one question remained:

what if these two people had met somewhere else? 

Chapter II

The Meeting of Frank and Eva in a Jazz Club in Ohio


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Robert Zabek.
Published on on 18.11.2018.


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