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Comments of our readers for the Short Story:

„The Transition“ of Ulrica Dias

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I Bebe (irene.beddiesgmx.de) Authors profile21.03.2012Answer
Dear Ulrica,

your experience is very encouraging. It shows that with the determination to learn and cope one can lead an useful life no matter what the handicap.
Thank you for the story.

Answer by Ulrica Dias:
Dear Irene, Thank you for your comment. I am not blind and hence it was even more difficult to write this story. I had to do a lot of research (thank God for the internet) and write from the perspective of a person who cannot see. I had to put myself into the skin of a blind person in order to write 'The Transition" My aim is to make people aware that blind and other physically challenged people can be independent and do not need mollycoddling. Regards, Ulrica (22.03.2012)

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