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Comments of our readers for the Poem:

„Christmas at the Shore“ of Irene Beddies

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Night Sun (m.offermannt-online.de) Authors profile18.12.2013Answer
Dear Irene, a wonderful winter poetry of a moondreaming shore in nightly silver light. Best regards, Inge

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Inge I once felt it this way when I was on Sylt and we strolled Christmas eve at ste shore before we celebrated. Thak you for your praise. Greetings Irene (18.12.2013)

Tensho (Send E-Mail) Authors profile17.12.2013Answer
I like this poem. Your writing is like painting pictures and I imagine a painting created by Caspar David Friedrich. Do you live close to a sea?
Kind Regards Bernhard

Answer by Irene Beddies:
You are not far from imagening something right, I have painted watercolours for quite a long time. Perhaps I have preserved some of the painter's view on scenes. I don't live at the sea but was on holidays for some years nearly every winter at our northern Islands Sylt,Amrum, Föhr. Greetings from Hamburg Irene (17.12.2013)

Alma Brosci (Send E-Mail) Authors profile17.12.2013Answer
I wonder why the English language can
be used for poetical contexts to such
a degree, which seems to be out of the
question for the same "things" in the
German language. ??? Maybe that I have
still to learn in the next 2OO years ...
that things change ... ??? (-.-) Inge
-your poem: as perfect as always - ...

Answer by Irene Beddies:
Dear Inge, I guess the English language attracts ourselves because we don't know how often the rhymes are used and because so many words are ending with beautiful vowels. Thank you for your praise. Kindest regards Irene (18.12.2013)

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