Ron Macris (Australia)

Ron is a psychotherapist who lives and works in the bayside suburbs in Melbourne, Australia.

His approach is based on the works of Milton Erickson. Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung and Tibetan Buddhism also influence his work; particularly in relation to importance that storytelling plays in the healing and self-growth process.

Ron as far as possible enters the subject's world of reality and uses their perceptual frame, via metaphor, to assist the subject in the process of change.

Recognizing that everyday problems reflect universal themes found in myths and fairy tales, can transform meaningless situations into an opportunity of personal growth.

Introducing the archetypal themes and quotes contained in his short story, The Angel and the Gardner, has resulted in great success for some of his clients.

He hopes to write a similar story in the near future.

For more information, please visit his Blog site at where he would be happy to receive a post or host a link. He can also by contacted by email at macrisr (A T )

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The Angel and the Gardener26.08.2007 Fairy Tales

First release on 26.08.2007.

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