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In December of 2000, I had completed my third-level personal writing course with The Institute of Children's Literature, West Redding, Connecticut (Bino's Secret Adventure having been one of my assignments). I have spent 20 years on independent writing with the help of 5 journals-- 3 illustrated, 2 written, and a separate journal for collecting nocturnal dreams that I later turn into stories.
Employed as a Part-time Children's Room Shelver at Richland County Public Library in Columbia, South Carolina, and in later years working for Barnes & Noble College Bookstore (the first one to open in New York City) I had discovered numerous treasures in literature, a world of thoughts and colors and feelings spread out among the shelves that I wanted to delve into and explore even more, it was like a catacomb of hidden treasures waiting to feed my mind. The desire to express my mind soon followed.
Beginning with pencil and paper in early grade school, I had also developed a love of art, moving up to crayons and water paints in later years, drawing sceneries from favorite childhood TV shows and from what I saw around my neighborhood while growing up. Cutting construction paper and cardboard into trees, flowers, animals, building paper dollhouses, gluing strings, yarns, and beads into decorations, knitting, and crocheting had become hobbies of mine at an early age. My love of art developed alongside my love of writing leading me to earn my BA Degree in Studio Art from Hollins College, Virginia.
Thank you again.

EA Young

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